I hope Vladimir Putin shall stop what he is doing

Dear Mr. Putin, you have never heard of me, I suppose.

However, I know that I speak for just about everyone living on our beautiful planet EARTH πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ’—

Please STOP what you are doing. OKAY. This planet needs to get going again, after 2 full years of being in the clutches of that monster THE CORONA virus.

Everyone wants to live, have a life, see our children, grandchildren.

We want to travel, see other countries AGAIN, our children have had a very rough time being home schooled. Many people have terrible financial troubles, and need to be able to WORK and earn money πŸ’° πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°. Our economies NEED to be HEALTHY, this planet needs HEALTHY HAPPY PEOPLE, and our YOUNG adults need to have a life too.

So please Mr. Putin, stop this ghastliness. You can do that. All you need to do, tell your military people to TURN around and go back to RUSSIA. YES. And everyone shall be extremely GRATEFUL.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’—

Written by Willy Holmes Spoelder, from her home in Southern Turkey. πŸ˜‡,

Saturday, 5th March, 2022.

31st October, 2022, and an update on how it is now: 6 months later, thanks to Mister PUTIN (the czar) and/or a modern version of that evil ghastly mister Adolf Hitler.πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜ 

INFLATION in The Nethetlands is now 17%.

The President of The DUTCH BANK explained a few things on Dutch TV yesterday, 30.10.2022, as he emphasized MACRO, and it is ghastly, about a situation we had after WW2, the early 1950’s he said.

So: UNPRECEDENTED for just about everyone on the planet!! Also goes for the USA, albeit their economic crisis is not quite the same as in EUROPE.

Note: 2 years that horrible Corona pandemic, and in addition that WAR, Mister PUTIN created: and the entire world is SUFFERING. WHAT A GHASTLY situation.


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Β My wish to contribute and share my own and other good, useful information are CORE LEVEL.

Already in 1991 I made that decision.

Now this has been made possible with the aid of modern technologies, without expensive overheads and a technological expert to keep this running.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, KAYA KOY, Turkey, 3rd September ver.2019.



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Beta-Alanine | Beta-Alanine Resource Guide


Hi everyone: the above picture: just to say: this is what HEALTH is basically all about, on a cellular level.

The link below to a US website: focussing on: PHYSICAL POWERS, and certain products to help: is NOT what I am promoting, even should they be excellent.

But: the INFORMATION about beta alanine and much more interesting good know-how *caught* my attention.

Proteins, the building blocks for the body: we need! Not just to improve, build more muscle, nor as an athlete, but goes for everyone.

Reading about it helps! So: therefore I share it.πŸ™

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, 29.01.2023.


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GUT HEALTH: and things you might not yet know, like what is S.I.B O. and what to do to improve the Small Intestinal Functions.


Okay, below: a great website: I have subscribed to for 15 years.

The founders, 2 UK NUTRIONAL HEALTH experts are very experienced, knowledgeable, and they are determined to SHARE, and help/motivate others, LESS advanced.

What I like most: they practise what they *preach* themselves* and DO NOT PUSH PRODUCTS DOWN YOUR THROAT: ie the USA Internet Marketing *ways*.

One of their *pet* issues: is HOW TO IMPROVE GUT HEALTH. Not particularly by dieting, ie yet another fad diet.

They approach health issues SCIENTIFICALLY, rather technically, and send people *interested* their regular emails.

Note: I became interested, stumbled upon them ages ago: at the time: I was focussing on S.I.B.O. (Small Intestinal BACTERIAL Overgrowth).

And: SIBO is still one of those MAJOR health issues! = SIBO has not gone away mysteriously, SIBO actually is quite *active*.

Note: the WHY’s: of course are multiple, quite complicated, even go back: about 140 years!!! of using: ASPERIN, the trademarked BAYER painkiller.

And believe me: I am NOT the first, nor only person on the planet, who RESEARCHED what a simple tiny white little painkiller (ASPERIN), does to deregulate the HUMAN metabolism.πŸ˜©πŸ‘Ήβ˜ οΈπŸ€•

Sincerely, Willy Holmes-Spoelder.πŸ™


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I am recommending: www.wise.com: to transfer money anywhere. HAPPY 😊 to do so.

The reason: comes from LIVING ABROAD!! and decades of *frustration* NOT BEING ABLE to transfer money from my OWN DUTCH bankaccount, easily, if af all!!

Brief Anecdote:

And these days hard to believe: 30 years ago: I had to WAIT * S.I.X.* MONTHS, before an amount of then Dutch florins (Ngl) 1000 arrived from my Dutch bank account INTO a LOCAL Turkish Bank.

Having written that: omg 😲, those Ngl. 1000 (say about $1000 to compare, give you an idea:) were for just SIMPLE LIVING EXPENSES. Just for paying for FOOD, public transport, and a tiny rented 1 room appartment IN SOUTHERN TURKEY πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

In those days, and of course *way into the 21st century as well*: NO INTERNET, NO MOBILE PHONES, ie nothing I had been used to living a normal life in my own home-country The Netherlands: a.o: PAYING EVERYTHING AUTOMATICALLY, all my life.

In the Turkish city where I was staying: FETHIYE, Mugla, there was one FAX. There were several PAY PHONES, IF they were working, needing plenty of COINS to feed the apparatus, in the street with also then unsavory creatures *lurking*, standing next to you even.

Okay, I survived all that, which really is a miracle! NO HELP from *loved-ones* back home, NO BACK UP from the office, as a businessman, no *friends* locally to *help me out* until I GOT THINGS arranged, BY PHONE, BY FAX, to my DUTCH bank, plus ALWAYS insisting whilst on the phone to my bank in The Netherlands TO CONNECT me there to THE MANAGER, (or else….also there… things might go wrong)

Having just landed myself in Southern Turkey πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡· 50 years old, (ie not a backpacking student or hippie, one call away from Daddy to help), because I liked it there for a while: the weather primarily of course, as a tourist, a foreigner, just needing some money TO LIVE.

Note: before you even think: was that smart? was that clever? was that well-planned ??? NO!! NO, and not recommended, even NOW.

YES, I survived that, miraculously, somehow: as in SURVIVAL, just plain basic survival, for DECADES πŸ˜… and by the way: I did have *money*, my OWN, a monthly regular income, and KNOWING that: kept me going, also alive.

= NO MONEY, NO HONEY!! And that still is a hard-core reality!!

Note: over the decades: people often asked: why are you living here, HOW COME you live here, and I have usually said: long story, or: you don’t want to know, or: *it is complicated*. So… that has not changed, except: I LIVE HERE, meanwhile as a LONGTERM resident, with *all* legal requirements *done*, dealt with, over the years.

Also: as I have experienced the hard way: you need STRENGTH, robust health, endurance, and NERVES OF STEEL, away from home, out of your *comfort* zone, and stay alive.

HOWEVER: when it comes to !!! N.O.W. !!! to transferring MONEY, cheap, fast, efficiently: http://www.wise.com is FANTASTIC.

Note: because TURKEY is NOT in the EU: That has to go through the SWIFT transfer (banking) system, which does take longer than the NOW *normal* (by APP) seconds transfers, (in the EU).

So: by SWIFT transfer, which has been in use for decades: max 7 hours http://www.wise.com *warns*, however: my January transfer took less than 3 hours AND: http://www.wise.com confirms transactions by email too!

IE NO WORRIES, NO HASSLES THAT YOUR MONEY GOT , gets *LOST*, (somewhere in outer space) using http://www.wise.com πŸ˜€

Note: Below btw is what http://www.wise.com has programmed on their customer page, mine, asking to share/recommend them. ABOVE: my own words to recommend them: πŸ‘Œ ✨ HAPPY 😊 to do so.

(Hey, I use Wise to send money abroad. Really easy and a lot cheaper than the bank! Give it a try with a fee-free transfer of up to 500 EUR. https://wise.com/invite/ath/w-a-c-s)

Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

Beauty – Serenity – Peace
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IT WORKS: and when *it* works, that is PROOF (that it works) : πŸ˜€.

The above lovely picture: the result of some great innovative Turkish * constructors: ie NOW possible to enclose an open terrass/balcony.

I am delighted, we now can realize such *dreams*. Certainly it is one of mine, ie on my list of *to do* and get that done.

Yes. You see, when one LIVES year around *under the sun*, ie 6 months *too hot to sit there*, but also 6 months *too cold* to SIT there….. such an enclosed space, is then PART of your ground-floor appartment: absolutely a must. WITH airco, and with HEATING.


Let’s say: the comforts and conveniences WITHIN one’s *private kingdom* must be such: that he/she/those living there: 24/7 must LOVE ❀ being there.


Note: above is no world shattering information, I know that, okay.

However, so many people who visit this country TURKEY πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·, for a few weeks as a Nordic tourist, IN THE HOTTEST MONTHS, to enjoy the sun, the beaches, the great outdoors, eating *al fresco*, & nightlife *under the sky and stars*, have absolutely no idea nor experience how it is living here: 24/7, and year in, year out.

Note: I live here, year in, year out, just like my Turkish neighbours, but: as someone, whose life, priorly: was one by NORMAL DUTCH STANDARDS, in 1991, as a normal citizen, ie used to and with perfectly functioning Dutch CITY utilities (water, electricity, and good governmental structures).

So: I am rather happy to say, now, life living abroad, even * off the grid* (in the country), can BE rather nice and comfortable. If, if, one likes to be comfortable!! of course.

And having a similar enclosed, formerly *open* terrass (balcony they call it here), my dream, one of my next projects to realize, in 2023!! It does cost a few bucks, but it is now possible & affordable. AMEN.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A HEALTHY BRAIN 🧠 & BODY, and how πŸ€” to achieve and/or keep this.

Having typed that, as a heading, and also just having posted a drawn picture of a human skull, showing where certain human feelings, emotions, even *origins* of a few human habits, reactions are (apparently) located:

Let me STATE: even should one know this: ie looking at that picture: it is COMPLICATED + a rather complicated affair to deal with, as a human being, CONSCIOUSLY busy with:


So, above: a drawing about THE MORAL BRAIN. The accompanying article was published in a PENN STATE University RESEARCH Quarterly, that I used to receive. Fall 2006, = visit their website at: http://www.rps.psu.edu

Note.1. I kept that magazine: because of the fantastic RESEARCH content, done at PENN STATE University. πŸ‘. FALL 2006, ie 16 years ago.

Note.2. Ask yourself, and I am doing the same, now: on 4th January, 2023: where were you, what were you DOING, how have these last 16 years BEEN, for you & others you know and still associate with, still ALIVE & *kicking*.

You are still alive, or else: you would not be searching & find this article (as a practicle example). And in my case: I would not be typing this, also putting MY MIND to: HOW TO STAY HEALTHY IN BRAIN AND BODY.

Note.3. I recently stumbled across something in QUOTE, where many people actually WRITE, usually WITHOUT any commercial intentions!!! That in itself is for me: nice, ie I am interested in what others *say*. Also what is nice there: people write WELL, and do not use INSULTING and/or abusive language, nor try to attack/be nasty/NEGATIVE in their comments. Let’s say: most posters share experiences, with many of these with enormous KNOWLEDGE, expert on a particular topic: psychology, history, languages, human issues, to name a few I came across.!!

Note.4. I am not particularly promoting Quora, but just mentioning my own so far pleasant 😊 experience there, CONTRARY btw to some other SOCIAL MEDIA, not mentioning these by name.

Okay: so what was GREAT (online) since I started online on 31.08.2005, with *dial-up* internet and a really great large screen laptop HP, has most definitely changed.All that has IMPROVED BEYOND πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ πŸ‘Œ belief, and certainly beyond my rather LIMITED TECHNICAL *brain*, and wildest imaginations.

YES!! And WOW. πŸ‡³πŸ‡± πŸ‡³πŸ‡± πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, as a DUTCH longterm resident of TURKEY πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·, non-stop since 1996, in the rather nice but remote *off-the-grid* ANCIENT valley KAYA KOY, about 1.5 square miles πŸ˜€ with about 250 inhabitants, year around: I just write with either a great SAMSUNG 8″ tablet, or my (smaller) smartphone: (a few words), like here on occasion, and then: with 1 click: get that posted. A MIRACLE, and delight 😊 that β™₯ works.

Ie thank you πŸ™βœWORDPRESS founder & all its great people.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder

TODAY, Wednesday 4th January 2023.

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Vitamin C for Allergies: Effectiveness, Uses, and Precautions


I was going through my *must* keep & remember info/docs on this device.

And: yes indeed: THE POWERS of VITAMIN C πŸ˜†

So … keep that in your minds too, please!! Amazing what Vitamin C can do, ie EXTRA Vit.C, like 1000 mg tablets dissolved in a glass of clean bottled water.

Note: these days, OTC (over the counter), 10 or 20 such tablets, CHEAP, and helpful to strengthen the immune system + as can be read in my posted Healthline article:

Effective for: ALLERGIES, all sorts!!

May your year 2023 by a happy & healthy oneπŸ™‹πŸ‘

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21st December 2022, and: I *believe* that I *did it*

* 2017, at http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com, at WORDPRESS: an article of mine was uploaded & posted, about the G7, held in Turkey πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·.

*Nothing spectacular, except since then, whatever I typed, posted, it did NOT appear ON my http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com.

Note: I had added *glamorouswellness*, at WordPress, could type there, that got posted but could NEVER be SEEN, at http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com.

I did something wrong, got in touch by email with WordPress, xxx times over those FIVE years, and there: although really great service: πŸ‘ πŸ‘ I could not understand their explanations!!! And then: despair, mine, I am too stupid/ A-technical, and left it: unsolved, NOT YET fixed.

Today though: I tried again, within my OWN domain: http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com, reading instructions, do this/that, and HOW πŸ€” I did what, whatever: really still as stupid/A-technical IT, and: I still can’t believe it: I think: I fixed it myself (somehow).

You see: what I want: always wanted: someone types: willyholmesspoelder in a SEARCHENGINE, and then CLICKS on that link: http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com and arrives IN my *online home*, to familiarize her/himself, ie reads my regular posts!!

Not that crazy 😜, eh??

Anyway: I think that now is AGAIN possible!!

I have been a customer at WORDPRESS since *the stone-age*, and do cherish 😍 my owned by me .com, bought, paid for elsewhere, than transferred to WORDPRESS. Could not even undo that, myself, SCARED that would go wrong, with me making a mess of it.

Okay, I am still nervous πŸ˜“, shaky!! But: as soon as I *publish* this, and then CHECK myself online in the searchengine: I shall know: I pray πŸ™, yes! It is working AGAIN, just as I dreamed one day would happen. Celebrating 🍾.

And: YES, keeping my fingers crossed: my own website http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com is working again. I am so relieved.

Sincerely, Willy.

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2022 – MERRY CHRISTMAS – LOTS OF πŸ’– πŸ’• ❀ WELL WISHES & A GREAT πŸ‘ FRESH NEW START ON: 01.01.2023, at 00.00 your place on planet 🌏 🌍 🌎

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