18.04.2020. TURKEY 48 hours 100% curfew

For the second weekend: The entire 70+ million population of The Republic Turkey has gone into a complete lock down.

Everybody, no exception, stays in his/her own house!

Some live alone, and others as entires families! Really thrown back at their own devices, and WITH their electronic devices!

Just imagine it! Nobody mixing outdoors with others! Stuck with each other, 48 tearingly long long hours!

The habits of Turks over weekends: joyfully sitting together in PUBLIC parks, together on mats, bringing their boxes of food, barbeques,charcoal, small gaz burners to make pots of Turkish tea.

All that and much more, NOW with the loveliest springtime weather… indoors instead of outdoors!

A definite change of habit, and ENFORCED simply to get this nasty COVID.19 under control! People just did not understand how serious this thread is, for themselves, and for the entire Turkish population.

The sooner Turkish COVID.19 pandemic begins to *recede*, the faster the country can slowly start moving again! Like for instance is NOW happening in Germany!

I am in non-voluntary isolation myself, now day 33, as a 65+ longterm Dutch resident, and: sitting it out *patiently*!

Kaya Koy, Fethiye,

Willy Holmes-Spoelder