Willy Holmes-Spoelder – her way

16 07 2012

I am not that stupid, really.

I have a rather determined even up-to-date approach to 21st Century life.

I have been an onliner since 2/2006, tucked away in the outbacks of Turkey,

where from the moment I arrived here NOTHING was modern and up-to-date.

My life is within my own 4 walls, and that is good enough for me. From my OWN

home and online *office* I have the possibility to be part of a GLOBAL community

also online. That is *not* really *enough*. Far from it. I do like *face-to-face* approaches

however: where I reside as a Dutch citizen – I am just someone minding her own

business. Which means – everyday life as it comes, every day again.

Only when I really NEED to do something outside these 4 walls – I venture out. Why

do I want to expose myself to the (current) blistering heat and/or *outsiders* with

whom I do not have anything in common? Not me – now.

However: once upon a time, in the part of my life when I was still in a (succesfull)

and international career: one has to mix and mingle with others. I even enjoyed it.

You see: I was paid to do a job (well) and a large part of that meant: COLLECTING

business contacts. Now: all I *have* to do: get through each day of my own good

life with at the end of that day: feelings of having done this successfully.

As a professional HEALTH expert with meanwhile 25 years of practical experience

and practising (what I preach), I really have enough to do, right here on the spot

where I live. Filling my pockets: ha-ha-ha, I do not have to work like that. I have

a regular income, I charge a fee for the services I render and until the last day that

I am *of sound mind* + physically fit – I am able and capable to WORK.

Such a state of affairs of course did not come because I kept praying to God or

thinking that that stupid Law of Attraction works – poppycock. One needs to have

a decent start in life, the best education available, level-headed tutors including

one’s own parents, and above all *a healthy mind – in a healthy body*.

People who are *in touch* with extra terrestial entities for instance actually SUFFER

from brain dysfuntions. And doing that for a living – and against enormous fees: is

prying on *lost souls*, who cannot, seem not to get their lives organized.

Muddle headed actions, people who do not seem to have their heads *screwed*

on properly irritate me enormously. I do not find it at all amusing too.

Anyway: this is a blog, which I can post it appears, so here it goes and enough

for one moment  in my daily life. Time = MONEY, every second of my life is

expensive, particularly the ones on a Monday MORNING.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder has said her bit.



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