For my Great Grandchildren

29 08 2012

Soon it is back to the grindstone, school, studying, and more exciting issues coming your way.
Also your brains need to be actived in: homework, chores, enough sleep and *before 12 in the evening* – well I learned those hours count double when it comes to feeling better as soon as you wake up. Breakfast: oh dear – what to eat? What is good and healthy *fuel* for that neglected master of your bodies? Coffee? Well, what do you think?
I just love my cuppa in the morning to be honest.
Cereals? Well, certainly NOT the muck that is being sold in supermarkets. How about a nice piece of toast, with nice Anchor butter? Your Granddad lived to the ripe old age of nearly 90 with such simple basic, good, old fashioned plain stuff.
I know, I know, *we don’t want to be old fashioned! However: Grandpapa was one of the World’s best Thinkers! Makes you think, does it not? Why do some of us wake up woolly headed, bad tempered and why can others begin the day *fresh* as a daisy*, before having breakfast already, I mean.
And that sweet ones is not that easy to understand, believe it.

So much online information is too complicated and besides: you just do not have much more *energy* to also begin studying *that*. Well, you are not the only ones, as if that is consolation and much help.

I agree!

Q.?. what shall we eat then? A.! Oh well: just eat what you like! In The Netherlands, where all of you live most of what you can buy has been grown first (grains) and on extremely healthy soil. Isn’t that a great bonus, being Dutch, living in The Netherlands and now knowing that what you can buy in our country is so very very *safe*.
Note: Of course some foods are imported, growing somewhere else first, even these are healthier than when they are sold in some other parts of the world. That has to do with EVERYTHING being exposed these days to extremely destructive radio activity. Lucky us, our cows produce safer milk as well, so all Dutch DAIRY products are healthier than you might think.
Of course, yes I know: FAT, well, buy 50% fat dairy products. Too much fat is definitely unhealthy.

However: do not *forget* that crisps, icecream, other stuff we just *love* to nibble on contains an awful lot of fat, sugar, salt and many more *hidden* baddies.
Oh yes, before I forget: start reading e-books on the best ebook Reader. I have a *Binatone* colour, better than Touchpad reading. The *Binatone* can be bought direct from shops only and then only so far in a few countries. Check is out at

Love you all.



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