Author Interview

10 07 2014

I am sincerely impressed with this author. A unique entity, but NOW that I have begun to read every book of his – wow – wow. Bless A.J. Davidson.

AJ Davidson's Books

Had an interview posted on Indie Books Unbound. Reviews and spotlight article to follow next Saturday.

Aj Davidson has been writing for over 15 years; he has published numerous crime novels, a non-fiction account of kidnapping in Northern Ireland, and even a play.  A well-seasoned Indie Author, he has been involved with Large Presses, Small Presses, and Independent Presses.  Graciously, AJ offered to be the first in a series of Indie Author Interviews.

IBU: Aj, when did you begin to write fiction?

AJ: I started writing fiction in 1995.  My first manuscript was Phoenix, a thriller set in Madeira, Spain and Gibraltar. Unfortunately, the plot was linked to the IRA and political progress in N. Ireland made the story redundant. A bit like spy stories going out of fashion after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the regime changes in Russia. The book sat in a drawer for…

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