MIRACLES never cease to happen !!! = I can open my own website again, NOT through my technical abilities though

19 08 2015

In search of online information about GOOD PRINCIPLES, today I came across a website where such has been written down, beautifully.
GOOD BASIC principles. Yes.
The uploaded PDF is about the man WHO created this website, his own life. I was deeply moved and so happy that he proceeded to create a powerful , worthwhile life for himself, married a wonderful woman and now has SEVEN beautiful children. AWESOME.

Note: in the process, having been a bit negligent seeing some of my own online creations are functioning I discovered: YIPPIE, this online one NOW is working again. Only a few weeks ago, for the life of me: could not open it, could not FIX whatever WordPress said one has to do & gave up (hours I spent)

There is no greater FEELING than: pfff…got that fixed…got that working again, and including one’s OWN declining health.
Mine, at my age.Willy, WeeMee Skype-willyspoelder: well: not that bad, but as I pointed out to a friend of mine recently: I do not jump over hedges these days. Not that I ever did, but in a manner of speaking, illustrating my declining years.

Life Engineering – Rusty Lindquist



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