NEVER expect you’ve got it made. ALWAYS new scientific information coming up to improve your BRAIN

20 08 2015

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I am currently sorting out my immense collection of information:  READ, then saved in PDF, however really needs  NEW arranging and a clean-up. Grr.

Every single day I read, collect current, new or repeated information which I began listing under *2015* (the current year we live in). Made sense to me: then as soon as we have *2016* I simply change the name of the file on my PC and so on.

Nothing earthshaking: however I am both a private person and a professional (health) therapist with so many diverse interests, TOPICS (of interest), even *persons of interest* and for me it is, let’s say USEFUL that with the flick of my wrist I can lay my hands on things immediately.
That has worked – so far – extremely well, however: earlier collected imformation I began filing  *as Windows had it for everyone* (documents, audios, music, pictures, favorites etc). Also that worked fairly well since I came online (2.2006). In addition I created a special section: *my archive A-Z* transferring stuff there I wanted to keep. For instance under P. I have a sub-section PEOPLE, wishing to save for instance obituaries of people I had known.

At the time: early 2006, a heavenly experience for someone who was, still is living in the backwaters of Southern Turkey. February 2006: ADSL instead of slow *dial-up* became available here.

I have lived here of and on from 1991 – 1996. Eventful years with none of the normal modern facilities I was used to throughout my *modern* upbeat life in The Netherlands

Then: I moved from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to live here for *a while*, arriving on 3rd July, 1996. A tiny appartment of 25 sq.m. in the centre of the small city Fethiye I had kept on as a tenant, since 1992. It had a front door, a tiny shower, a cubicle kitchen, and a *room with a view*.

TODAY: I have moved on, the world at large is no longer as it *has been*. I for one LOVE it, and without my access to Internet I would not be having my current WISHES to improve  REFERENCE materials I collected since day one.

YESTERDAY: I really *stumbled upon* some files, filed under *2011 – projects*. wow – I reacted. And again: goodness me: amazing stuff – which I had not looked at for years, with of course good intentions to sort out the years *2008 – 2012* projects. I got *bleary-eyed* rather late in the evening, discovering these, made a short-link on my desktop, as a reminder of *to tackle*
Then of course I do need some sleep, I do have my normal daily chores, the normal daily office and business rituals and events exist. and uppermost for me also exists: my also normal daily metaphysical work – with pen, pencils, on A4 or A3 ordinary White (blanc) paper.

Not anyone but me has what I have, which goes for everyone. But: what I do I LOVE doing, all of it, therefore it would be pleasant to have some hired help for the more mundane jobs such as cleaning the house etc. I do it myself, no grumbling too.  Still: if only I could FULLY concentrate on what I LOVE best, even DO best.

PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE, had been hammered into me, when I was anxious to become the best user of a PC. It takes time. I am not a mechanic capable of fixing every snag PC’s develope when one uses them. My *strenght* that shall never be. It just does not make me feel good, but others love that. My PC technician is one of them.

Still: having a PC:  I LOVE.

Very *cool* I think to have all my *information* stored on my PC + of course  external USB – TBs (meanwhile). Instead of having BOOKS in bookcase, in a complete library, even lined up on all the walls of my house. YES!! I definitily prefer having all my information stored on 1PC, with  external USB backups.

It means: YES, I need to get myself better organized *within* the borders of my *mobile* OFFICE. Everything has to be there, instantly, for me to LOOK at. Whatever and which *to choose from* for others as a health therapist and  -consultant. It is *the business I am in*, it is the road I chose to travel since 1985, when I attende my very first symposium about ALLERGIES.
That meanwhile is 30 years ago, and not only am I 30 years *older*, i.e. a lot has happened, I also have gained the most fantastic experiences = which I collected & have put into practice 24/7 since then. One day long ago, in the early days of my current career I said to myself: I need to live a very, very long time in order to PROVE that what I decided to do – I did.

NO BETTER PROOF, I am still believing than LOOKING at me * as the proof* (of what I set out to do, which at the time I had labelled as REJUVENATION. The phrase ANTI-AGING did not exist in 1990.

Still a lot to DO. The more I work, the more I research, the more work I seem to be *able* to take on, which in itself is EXCITING. Yes, very much so.

Yet:  I am still: THE IMPERFECT LADY, who needs to stay *on the ball* doing the best job possible.

That this attempt to write some text on my own little website + upload a picture  went well: for me: a good moment in time.
That this then gets *published* and appears in the searchengines remains magical. I therefore have every reason and passion to PROCEED the way I am proceeding: step-by-step, until one day when I really can say: NOW: I am rather pleased with my own stored information ON my own PC, on my own external USb storage device.




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