14 01 2016

Prior to *remembering* my beloved daughter’s day of passing over – on 30.01.2011 in Olhao, Portugal – I choose to publish 2 beautiful photographs of NICOLE.

Right: Nicole, about 9 years old, with one of our lovely Dalmatian dogs – TRACEY and
Left:    The VERY LAST photograph of Nicole, taken in Olhao, Portugal shortly after I arrived on Friday 16th December, 2011.
What struck me, once I had cropped the photograph to its current propertions:

WOW: what a beautiful WOMAN I am looking at (yesterday 12th January, 2016).

It moved me very very deeply.

There she was sitting opposite me, not looking at anyone, anything.
What was going through her (razor-sharp) MIND ??
She looked *pensive*, a lovely cup of coffee in front of her, a packet of sugar in her hands, to add to the coffee.

I shall have it printed out professionally, large portrait size and it shall hang on a wall at home to enjoy and cherish. Since Nicole died, I just could not handle this emotionally, but now I  feel that I can.





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