After G20 2017 – THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE – stick together

11 07 2017


THE OPULENCE displayed by some, flagging their wealth under the noses of the poor has always gone against my DUTCH genes.

After the recent GLOBAL developments, particularly that someone *like that* managed to get himself swore in as the President of the U.S.A., also that someone like the current President of Turkey managed to get more votes, albeit very marginally, is in my opinion a reason for great (global) concern.

The planet is in need of great people, using their *heads*, their skills, experience & wisdom. Such persons exist.

May all of these continue to work towards ABUNDANCE. May all of these continue, and  REMEMBER that incredible achievements are possible to RESTORE *health* to our planet in order to enable the global population to LIVE & thrive.

(Mostly) MALE Ego’s of (mostly) male strivers for POWER over people DO NOT FIT in 21st Century life.

Nor do similar self-serving FEMALE power-seekers belong *at the helm* either of a country, state, organization, business, even in a personal relationship.


Above could be a multipled topic for any talk-show, however there time is too limited. Where such EDUCATION could, even should begin: AT HOME.

Needless to say: also there is much room for educational enlightenment, however:

TODAY, as a metaphysical enlightened human, I – myself – DECIDED to be:



For me: The United States of America have lost their *glamour* completely.

I am a European, and I am very happy, and proud !!! that EUROPE now is very united, in fact sticking together during the darkest days in modern global history.

Willy Holmes- Spoelder







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