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Note: this is an announcement, effective from 31.08.2019


The 31st of AUGUST

A milestone in MY LIFE, forever.

C A P T A I N & World War TWO Squadron Leader PETE HOLMES

born: 31.08.1916 Rangiora NEW ZEALAND, who died: 12.04.2006, (his ashes were scattered in the AMSTERDAM HARBOUR, in front of the little island PAMPUS), nearly 90 by then:

WAS my legally wedded husband from 30.11.1963 to 12.12.1992, exactly 29 years and 2 weeks.

On 26.6.1991 I DECIDED that NOW I was going to divorce HIM! Not because I no longer *loved* him, oh no!

But: He had just done it: THREATEN me again, and for the last time with         —– I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF —-

And that was it! I booked myself on a 2 week cruise *in the GREEK/TURKISH* waters, of course with the definite intention to just return to Amsterdam,  and continue MY GOOD LIFE, alone and proceed with my small health practice SLENDERLINE.

Mister HOLMES was *history*, he drove me to: SAVE YOURSELF WILLY.

From that moment on:

I left The Netherlands from Amsterdam SCHIPHOL on 31.08.1991, today it is the 31st of AUGUST (2019), exactly 28 years ago.

Let’s say: I jumped in the deep, swam through uncharted waters, landed myself as a shipwrecked INNOCENT ashore, on TURKISH soil.

In short: the second and BEST part of MY LIFE.


I am still living in TURKEY, in the Paleontic ANCIENT Valley KAYA KOY, permanently since 9/1997 at:

83, Gemiler-Kinalli Caddesi

KAYA KOY MAHALLESI, 48300 Fethiye,



I am a HYPER POLYGLOT😂😂😂 which means: a person, who masters more than 3.5 languages (source WIKIPEDIA), so: ok: I master 4.5, DUTCH, English, GERMAN, French, and a smattering of Turkish😁😁 for daily life.

I use the first THREE daily, visual TV, online, research, reading, speaking, writing. My French got a bit rusty, hardly exposed to French these days, but the BASICS I learned through 7 years as a student: one always has programmed in.

And about Turkish: may be when I find a top TURKISH teacher and have enough energy left, I might want to take that on eventually.


So:  Fair is Fair:  PETE HOLMES played in important role in my life.

Therefore: I DEDICATE this POST to my late husband HUNTLEY GORDON (Pete) HOLMES, who was born: 31.08.1916 in Rangiora – New Zealand.

The reason: he literally drove me to STAY ALIVE, that is how furious at long last I became, BLACKMAILING me with:

If you don’t DO (exactly) as I *command*, I am GOING TO KILL MYSELF. That did scare me at first…. 25 years his junior, a young woman who fell *in love* with him, just 20 years old.

In hindsight AND after having spent 31 years becoming (an non-licensed) expert and forever a 10x BETTER than any psychiater layperson😂😂😂

what I know NOW is *beyond the pale*.


Note: For personal RESEARCH I always recommend THE BEST source(s) I sofar have *discovered* online MYSELF.

Therefore: with regard to BEHAVIORAL ILLNESSES: 1st stop: http://www.psychcentral.com. FREE info for every human being!

I combed the site for at least SEVEN years, usually on my free SUNDAYS, reading, CREATING my OWN personal PDFs, in those days we were still depending on having a top and for me LARGE screen PC, with a perfect PC local technician, costing a fortune per hour.

NOW: of course we all have *on the go* mobiles (and coffees), and fantastic TABLETS that make everything dead easy, 24/7 to have FUN, but also to STOP getting bored, and for those: who still have a working BRAIN, to stay informed.

__________________________________________________________________________I always write in the English language, but as a Dutch person: never as perfect as some born with that mother language! So: there is always room for improvement.  I THINK in ENGLISH, and in Dutch, even occasionally in German, French and Turkish.

But I TALK to my 4 CATS always in: DUTCH, don’t know why, used to that once a mother, with kids

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