Today,1st September 2019 I am back typing stuff through my OWN paid for willyholmesspoelder.com.

Thanks to modern facilities and technologies, which I still consider incredible, particularly that I can achieve that MYSELF, a woman without any IT expertise.


When I first bought a secondhand PC, there was an expensive Windows 7 software packet, everything else in order to keep the PC running and FREE of the most ghastly viruses and Word to type and a lot more had to be BOUGHT. Paying online was still a nightmare, online BANKING hardly existed and a LOT more that we definitely do NOT ever want to remember.

I went through all that from 8/2005.

NOW: I have a few tablets, and whatever I do with these is HAPPINESS, because things WORK…like here through WORDPRESS! Wonderful.

The idea behind getting busy through WORDPRESS, and with my OWN website again: everything gets posted immediately on the World Wide Web. And hopefully with the proper TABS these topics, once typed into the searchengines shall appear so that people worldwide can click, and read what I have to say, about what they also happened to be interested in.

That is what I would love.

This is just the kick off, but well worth my effort: I am back posting for everyone.

Note: I have been on FB for years, and since 4/2018 joined as many FB groups with topics I know about or found interesting and useful, contributing, sharing my experiences.

I did not create FB, or Twitter, but they remain useful tools. The other social media sites: well: either I deleted my accounts or hardly ever use them now.

These posts, from my OWN website are also automatically connected to my FB and Twitter pages, at least WORDPRESS offers that technical facility, but this was not yet working yesterday.

As soon as that does work: then of course those who know me, follow me, like, even share my information: automatically can read my blog at willyholmesspoelder.com.

Nothing spectacular what I am doing, many have done more and much earlier. But I am doing this ALONE without staff, heavy overheads, and with just a small 7″ Samsung tablet, dirt cheap, working perfectly, and quite fast.


My HAPPINESS AND STATE OF WELLBEING energizes me, and typing a few words that hopefully many shall read would be the *jewel* in my crown.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder,

1st September, 2019

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