Your day is YOUR day. Full of *the good, the bad, the uglies* We are too busy usually to get everything we have to do, done.

And that goes FOR EVERYONE! From the moment you were BORN, till the very last heartbeat!

Some, for millions of UNKNOWN and also meanwhile *known* reasons have PAIN, also YOUR INNER CHILD has pain, strrresss.

When we begin living in our GROWN bodies, the INNER CHILD is always there! And: presents you with: how IT *feels*.

If IT feels TIRED, that is A MESSAGE. And to return to STRESS: every negative feelings YOU wake up with is: STRESS.

Returning to STRESS MANAGEMENT, as an ADULT: many many possibilities, to do *something*, before your heart *breaks*, and your body cracks.

EMOTIONS cause shocks. Too many, and you get MENTAL issues AND physical dysfunctions!

HOW TO……. can only start with YOU.

YOU are NEVER alone, nor the only sufferer, and fortunately NOW with all great ONLINE possibilities, you can CHOOSE.

May everyone remember an old credo: When there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

Have a wonderful day, and many more to look forward to.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, KAYA KOY, Turkey, 3rd September,2019

About willyholmesspoelder

A Holistic Health Practitioner since 1989, born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, practising LONGEVITY, as a long-term resident of TURKEY πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·.
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