There is nothing better than: YES NOW. That feeling: YES, that is IT.

And: so it happened today!


The most exciting experience in my life?

I have had many.

Things happen, one meets people, one gets offers, finds opportunities, sees and visits places.

Thousands of people pass by in our lives. Some stay for a while, travel on. We pink away a few tears, promise to stay in touch. Many pass over, before you, and one is devastated, heartbroken, often: how am I, how can I, go on without……. Personal experiences.

Nobody is without it!

Including me, myself!

So…, Sunday 19th April 2020: YES! I finally KNOW exactly where this came from, and with 35 years experience as a student, and over 30 years as professional holistic health practitioner:

YES. I gave birth to my own creation:


Many sub-techniques and modalities are part of my complete ENTIRE approach, trying, suggesting, directing others into a possible direction, perhaps appealing to them!

Not everyone is ready, interested in MENTAL FREEDOM, or so is usually the INSTINCTIVE *approach*!

I know that I would never have travelled the road I did, these last 35 years, but I did. DONE.

And now: I am determined to continue with my OWN GOOD LIFE, and THE MENTAL FREEDOM, I was determined to *get*, no matter what!

How to, how I did this, what I had to do and *overcome*, has been *experience*! But from now on: only my life, my happiness, my good fortune, my health, my body, my brain, my independence comes first.

Does not mean ever: I am not available, there, for others. No, I am, but: only with what I do best: MENTAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE.

From my own home, Kaya Koy near Fethiye/MUGLA, Turkey

Sincerely, Willy Holmes-Spoelder🙏🙋


  1. 20.04.2020 PS,
    The above just went through! Posted at my own .com! Marvellous! The 21st century techniques never cease to fill me with delight, and gratitude!
    I live OFF THE GRID, without ANY I.T. TECHNICAL assistance at all!
    Since 1996 non-stop I live in this Turkish valley Kaya Koy. Very very nice, it makes me very very happy too….but having a DECENT 21st century set-up: MY dearest wish!
    It will be there, one day! But for now: just this! WordPress saves everything, no worries my typing efforts get lost

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