Wednesday, 17th February, 2021.

One year ago the world, my world too, was still sort of okay! This virus in China! Omg, not good, but: OMG, again: we have it! Grr!

Now many people are yessing/ whether or not to get the COVID.19 vaccination. It is not mandatory/compulsory, so everyone is free to CHOOSE.


And to-morrow: at 11.00 am Turkish time, in room 7 of the local TURKISH state hospital: *Devlet Hastane – FETHIYE – (Mugla), I shall roll up my sleeve, AND GET MY COVID.19 vaccination!

I feel excited!

My immune system is excellent, I myself am rather HEALTHY, in top shape actually, nearly 80 years old! Not afraid, and not worried! And CURIOUS how my system is going to REACT!

I also do expect to survive it!😇 and hope: My guardian angels shall SHARE my experience, and my JOY and GRATITUDE that I am ALIVE and HAPPY as a human being, loving LIFE on my BELOVED PLANET EARTH. 😇😷😎🙏

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