Mens Sana e Corpore Sano

(A healthy brain and healthy body).

This is a try-out from my tablet, and with the WordPress App, hopefully arriving on my site.

I have been a WordPress customer since 2011, eventually transferred my domain to WordPress and then started writing. That worked fine, things got PUBLISHED, online until around 2017.

Then I got myself into an apparently unsolvable mess, you see: I got a great name at WordPress (glamorouswellbeing), wishing that to be a However: whatever I did, tried, even together with really nice and helpfull WordPress assistance… online, long distance, I could not get what I had in mind *realized*.

Anyway for IT experts such is crystal clear, dead-easy, but NOT for me. I could type, get it nicely *published*, but NOT, I repeat not at

The idea being: that when someone googles and clicks: one arrives at my site AND there can READ 📚 😀, browse.

So let’s SEE if it gets there now!!


longterm Dutch resident in Southern Turkey 🇹🇷, KAYAKOY, Saturday, 5th March, 2022.

P.S. The image above, or whatever can be seen is a fairly decent picture of myself, at my 80th birthday on 5th May, 2021.

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