At random uploaded a few pictures from the device I am using for this post.

My 2 oldest granddaughters, visiting summertime where I, their grandmother became a long term resident – the greater FETHIYE region – with magical bays, beaches ⛱
My beloved BORIS AUREALIS, ♥ born 5th May, 1997. He was a great companion for 17 years.
This is a view higher up, seeing part of the beautiful valley KAYA KOY, where I have lived (non-stop) since 1997, celebrating 25 years now, 5,3.2022.
This is the DC3 (Dakota) PH-MAA, owned then, early 1960’s, by MARTINAIR (formerly Martin’s Air Charter), with capacity for 32 passengers. Note: I was one of the first stewardesses, and spent many hours in that plane (1961-1965)
Willy Holmes-Spoelder, in her capacity as the Hong Trade Development Council’s Representative (C.E.O.) BeneluX – 1972/1989
My HKTDC offices, in 2 converted ancient warehouses, from 1643 at Prinsengracht 771-773.
Rembrandt’s NIGHTWATCH, on display at the Amsterdam Rjjksmuseum.
My maternal GREAT grandparents, my grandfather: Jan Steven Schaars Prins, top row 3rd left.
VONDELPARK, nearby my last home at Koningjnneweg 213, Amsterdam. Note: I moved to Turkey 🇹🇷 after selling that property in 1994.
A view on the Amsterdam RJJKSMUSEUM, taken my offices, Prinsengracht 771-773.
WillyHolmes-Spoelder, on 7th May, 1942, 1st birthday.
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