CELEBRATING, 5th March, 2022

Why oh why this heading.

Indeed a good question.

I have not written at WordPress for ages, and today’s READING and interesting article and wishing to leave a comment, I ended up having to sign into my own WordPress account.

Boy oh boy, had to reset my password, did that with my smartphone vs always with a larger device, and then: got into my own http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com account, seeing really ANCIENT stories written by me. Pre-corona.

And now that CORONA is less of a global calamity, we have a NEW THREAT! called VLADIMIR PUTIN. Hells bells, and to be honest, I did not want to know, I am so fed up with EVIL and ghastly things, however, I got curious about WHO is this man.

Does not mean that I did not know something about the man, but found an article about WHY the man is as he is. The poor chap had an awful childhood, apparently. Ah, don’t we all, or lots of people have that, yes, true is it not*

But we do not all become monsters. No.

Anyway, the entire world is waking up now, and whilst following the developments on GERMAN television, as a longtime Dutch resident of TURKEY, I am becoming very CONCERNED. PUTINs latest is, he ordered to attack EUROPEs largest nuclear works, in UKRAINE, but nothing catastrophic happened we were assured, ie no nuclear leaks.

Holy Moly, NOW I am getting scared, because that does concern me too, ie this is getting PERSONAL, because I like to BREATHE and fill my lungs with good healthy OXYGENATED air. Besides, I have children and grandchildren, and relatives, who in my opinion DESERVE life too.

Does not mean that I am not devastated by what happened so far, from the overnight invasion of PUTINs military into the Ukraine. Terrible. KIEV is being bombed and destroyed, the live tv shows exactly just how much has been destroyed so far.

Mister Putin, why are you doing this. How can you do this. But, he is determined, even wants the head of the Ukrainian president. Really, how can someone do this, beats me. Even though I understand that because he had a terrible childhood, and was bullied, he NOW wants to get even, get his kicks, his revenge.

People like that, which is NORMAL these days, go and have either psychiatric and/or psychological therapies. But not Vlad. Putin.

Who can change the man.s MIND, I am wondering. It would be marvellous if someone could make him SEE, that this is not NICE. Besides, apart from the ghastly destructions, and poor terrified Ukrainian people, it costs BILLIONS of dollars, euros.

Sounds quite sane and logical eh. Nobody needs this Mister Putin, no.

The Ukraine has become an independent and DEMOCRATIC state, its people want to have a NORMAL life, for instance with FREEDOM of speech vs what you like.

So please mister PUTIN, start to THINK eh. Become a nice WARM and loving, caring, president for your own Russians.

Most sincerely, and I mean that,


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