17th March 2023: UPDATE: Vladimir Putin has just been accused, officially, by the I.C.C., – The International Criminal Court, The Hague, The Netherlands – of having committed WAR CRIMES.

The above news: covered by all important news agencies: like CNN, Al Jeezera, Reuters is hugely important, and SIGNIFICANT.

War crimes!!!

Note: I am just following the latest developments. Putin has not yet been caught, however: he is now *wanted*, officially, and shall hopefully be hunted, caught, and tried!


Below: I wrote on 5th March, 2022. That just was a friendly post from only one human being.

Dear Mr. Putin, you have never heard of me, I suppose.

However, I know that I speak for just about everyone living on our beautiful planet EARTH 😊😇🙏💗

Please STOP what you are doing. OKAY. This planet needs to get going again, after 2 full years of being in the clutches of that monster THE CORONA virus.

Everyone wants to live, have a life, see our children, grandchildren.

We want to travel, see other countries AGAIN, our children have had a very rough time being home schooled. Many people have terrible financial troubles, and need to be able to WORK and earn money 💰 💰💰💰. Our economies NEED to be HEALTHY, this planet needs HEALTHY HAPPY PEOPLE, and our YOUNG adults need to have a life too.

So please Mr. Putin, stop this ghastliness. You can do that. All you need to do, tell your military people to TURN around and go back to RUSSIA. YES. And everyone shall be extremely GRATEFUL.🙏🙏💗

(Written by Willy Holmes Spoelder, from her home in Southern Turkey. 😇, Saturday, 5th March, 2022)

_______________ 👹👹👹👹👹 ____________ 👹👹👹👹👹 ___________________

Adding, one year later:

My feelings are unchanged!

My MOOD though: has changed: and I am adding: HOW CAN ONE GHASTLY MAN be such a monster, so megalomaniacal and with followers obeying, believing his propagandistic and blatant lies: looking as if butter would melt in his mouth /angelic.

After HITLER, and a few other monsters terrorizing people, about TIME they stop being born with a mentality like that!! We hate men like Vlad.Putin.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, expressing her disgust *politely*, updated: 22nd February, 2023.

And adding: USA president Joe Biden visiting Ukraine, and it’s president Selensky: I find very very reassuring. BIDEN/U.S.A. and NATO/EU & TURKIYE: SHALL DESTROY PUTIN. 🌞👍


31st October, 2022, and an update on how it is now: 6 months later, thanks to Mister PUTIN (the czar) and/or a modern version of that evil ghastly mister Adolf Hitler.👹😠

INFLATION in The Nethetlands is now 17%.

The President of The DUTCH BANK explained a few things on Dutch TV yesterday, 30.10.2022, as he emphasized MACRO, and it is ghastly, about a situation we had after WW2, the early 1950’s he said.

So: UNPRECEDENTED for just about everyone on the planet!! Also goes for the USA, albeit their economic crisis is not quite the same as in EUROPE.

Note: 2 years that horrible Corona pandemic, and in addition that WAR, Mister PUTIN created: and the entire world is SUFFERING. WHAT A GHASTLY situation.


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