Fir Essential Oil: “Fountain of Youth”

Essential Oils

Essential Oils: my most favourite HEALING *babies*

I have worked with Essential oils since 1988, as an Advanced Applied Kinesiologyst. They work like sensors too.

A LOT of information is available these days, on Internet, I agree. However, that essential oils are ALSO good for HEALING THE SOUL: not that many people know about.

The link at the top: just click on it, and then you arrive in THE MAGIC BOTTLE. Over 110 essential oils are in that MAGIC BOTTLE. And: open it: and CLICK to see what comes UP for YOU.

The UNIVERSE than choose 😇🤩 which essential oil is *at that moment – in time – the one for YOU.

Note: If you don’t like what you READ: ie, hmm, don’t feel like that, or sounds: not me, nooo way, well: that you go back and click again and see whether the next one YOU LIKE.

Another note: I clicked and Fir Tree Essential oil appeared: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. 😇😀 hey, that is good enough for me, ie who does not want to tap into the Universal Fountain of Youth and hopefully!!! pick up that VIBRATION. It is definitely CHEAPER, than buying very expensive creams, or phials to look youthful.

Many might say: oh, rubbish, I don’t believe in such nonsense, however try it, give a go, the benefits of your doubts. And… if it works, for YOU, than you know that something like this: is possible.

The WORK, the pix, the beautiful texts: were created by: Silvia Hartmann, the President of GUILD Of ENERGISTS. based in the UK.

I have used the MAGIC BOTTLE for at least a decade: as an Energist myself. And I love ❤ 😍 my little online toy. And as some might know, reading my WordPress posts: I do NOT SELL anything, I only SHARE what I like, and find useful myself, but based, truly, on over 30 years of me, working with *energy*!! Good, healthy, and positive energy of course.

We need MORE POSITIVE, HAPPY PEOPLE, to get past and through the ghastly CORONA years, and in the middle of the ghastly UKRAINIAN catastrophes.

Yes, we do have to, our kids, all kids, deserve the best AFTER all this ghastliness LIFE, on our beautiful planet EARTH. ❤ 🙏

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