11 Edible Flowers With Potential Health Benefits


Note.1. Please do go to the above website: http://www.heathline.com and get enlightened about WHAT YOU yourself can LEARN about such SIMPLE and available HEALTH FOODS!!

Note.2. All these ELEVEN FLOWERS have HEALING abilities, and are EDIBLE too. YOU yourself COLLECT some YOU like or even 💞💞💗. It is SUMMERTIME in The Northern Hemispheres!! Then: OMG, the petals: you DRY and keep in an OPEN bowl in your house, cupboard, office-space +++. THE AROMA, the scents, already HELP you, breathing these healing SUBTLE scents. And of course: you can make a TEA (tissane).

Note.3. ATTENTION: never OVERDO this. Why not? Some can cause ALLERGIES!!! For instance: About Chrysanthemum and Dandelion: these are part of the RAGWEED botanical group, and people with *sensitivities*, say what we call *hayfever* or *having the flu, the sniffles*: should definitely AVOID these!

Last but NOT least: talking about RAGWEED: it is a large group of plants. So do google them, to get to know that. And: a WARNING for EVERYONE who believes THE STEVIA SWEETENER is a *healthy sugar substitute!!!!, FORGET IT!!! STEVIA is a RAGWEED plant, and using THAT as a sugar substitute: shall start causing the user incredible health issue *EVENTUALLY*.

Sincerely, Willy Holmes-Spoelder 😊, a LONGEVITY practitioner. = I practice what I preach, and SHARE what I *know*.💞

🙏🙋I did my RESEARCH, born myself as an ALLERGIC child (in 1941) . I became a HOLISTIC health practitioner in 1989, and since: I have discovered a lot, through RESEARCH, education, and TRAINING. And using my knowledge, INCLUDING better UPDATED scientific PROOF, I do to the best or my abilities (WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIAL interests NOR such *connections* 🙏😇

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