NOTE.1. Once upon a time: and NOT that long ago!! EVERYONE I KNEW had a FLAT stomach. YESES!!!

I said YES, everyone did have a flat stomach. And THESE DAYS: *everyone* has a *fat-ish* to fat to HUGE belly. Even small children, and youngsters ad well.

If YOU are *wondering* WHY OH WAY is that so *nowadays*??, well at least THAT might be YOUR 1st STEP to learning WHY??

Note 2. Learning WHY that is NOW the current situation is in itself NOT *wasted* time! And quite interesting too, with your AH HA moments rolling out in truckloads too.

Note 3. However: Oftentimes: hmm, grr, so what, and/or: okay, I could lose some belly fat myself, however: everyone has a (fat) belly, even: my PARTNER had it too, and he/she ❤️❤️❤️ me, my fat belly too, (just the way I am).


If you do: that is *okay* too, it is your belly, and your health!

Then this good sound article YOU do not even bother to read!!

Note.3. Point is though: it is a GREAT ARTICLE, and published by one of the BEST USA online medical expert websites!! FREE advice too!!

Note.4. You may be ready, or not yet that ready, motivated, even *convinced*, or think: who cares, so what, +++ Nobody but YOU yourself is THE BOSS in your OWN body, eh??

Note.5. However, logical thinking and reasoning, yours, together with the HUGE amount of information NOW available for EVERYONE about WHAT IS HEALTHY/vs u healthy: might CHANGE your MINDSET!!

And: with MYSELF as a FORMER overweight woman, albeit then already in my mid 70’s, ie prior to that: I was NEVER obese, nor ever had a fat belly: I was so shocked, disgusted with myself, that I did IT, (lose weight, and belly fat).

And: therefore::warmly recommend!! = I LOVE❤️❤️ it, to be SLIM!!! EVEN if not anyone I know, could care less (that I am slim).

Okay, enough of that. About how happy I am, with my slim body, flatter stomach/belly. It did NOT come *automatically* either. It took a lot of work, and determination, but for me, myself, definitely NO CONVINCING.

Sincerely, Willy Holmes-Spoelder, retired, practising 24/7, day in day out, the best healthy lifestyle at *my age*, now 81 years old🙏🙏

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