It is a hot summerday, and a lovely Saturday too.

I am taking it easy, now, and forever too.😇🙏. It suits me better at the moment! Yes, thinking of the great musical Porgy and Bess SONG: summertime, and the living is easy. Not that living that life then was easy! But the song stays forever.

So, what does someone like me do eh? Except seeing the hot summer months through *gracefully* and SAFELY too, these days with yet another COVID.19 OUTBREAK in the stirrups, about to attack everyone it can get in it’s monstrous clutches.

I, and everyone I am convinced, I am sure: is thoroughly FED UP with that and the most recent GLOBAL news about yet another COVID.19 outbreak.

Here in Southern *touristic* TURKEY, yes also here, the people have been warned!! The TR Government just issued the order: WEARING MOUTH MASKS IS AGAIN COMPULSORY, specially for people over 50.

Great, I growled, and too, thanks a lot, also *who isn’t over yet 50* these days, which of course is rubbish, not true. But one gets like that, obstinate, and a bit unreasonable. OKAY OKAY, back to all that eh? Including EXTRA HYGIENIC measures!! = Having enough anti COVID-19 sprays, I use the LYSOL sprays, AND the liquid (to add to the laundry washing liquid or powder). And see to it that I have enough TURKISH LEMON cologne, one of the best, and excellent antiseptics, lovely fresh smell, and cooling on the skin.

Being outside, at/on beaches, lovely boat trips, in coaches with masses of tourists, visiting/seeing the touristic sites???: yes: normally great, but in my case, as a DUTCH long term resident, who has done and seen all that xx & x times: NO WAY I have the urge to do that/go somewhere, NOW.

Note: I am not really a hermit!! But: I never liked being part of a group, touristicly I mean. I never liked it when I was 20, and not NOW 81, =I am like that. And being definitely part of the VERY OLDIES, immuno-comprised NOW: Very BORING, yesSSE, but I cannot alter it, have to live with it, and make the best of my *restricted* circumstances.

Having said that, stating my realistic *facts of life*, yet also of an optimistic nature: I shall again sail through!! Yes!! Not particularly *afraid* of catching this COVID.19, because I did get all the required vaccinations!! And: I shall start wearing the compulsory grr grr mouthmask, in public again.

I really dislike it! Wearing a mouthmask, no matter how elegant they are now, so… because of THAT: I prefer to stay home!! Go out as little as possible is my *urge* even. STOCK UP whatever I always need for about 2 months, vs do a bit of nice shopping once/twice weekly, and visit lovely local open markets, browsing, buying things (which I like, but do NOT really need *desperately*).

What a bore too!;😕🤕😷 However: the TRUTH is: I am never bored!!😇😄😊🙈.

Okay, that as above, last paragraph, sounds like a contradiction in terms, eh!! What is it to be: am I bored or am I not bored??

Let’s say: I enjoy my life. I do not have the problems nor issues many many, in fact millions of nice folks have. And also THAT is typically ME, since BIRTH, (born like that, and definitely LUCKY me)

Okay, I would 💗😇 to win the jackpot, a few millions would come in handy, really. I am human too. Or: get an email, or registered letter from a lawyer/bank/notary public that I – unexpectedly – inherited: say: a totally modernized CASTLE, and the title/deeds to acres and acres of land, and the noble title of at least Baroness!! (Her Ladyship Willy) THAT WOULD BE A DELIGHTFUL surprise!!

Ah: I would need MILLIONS of MONEY, to be able to maintain such an inheritance, the property, the STAFF, the stables/the horses, and the CARS!! A BENTLEY, a 4 wheel drive LANDOVER, a few more suitable self drive smaller cars, and a yacht! Yes.

If not: enough millions EUROS to go with such an unexpected inheritance: than of course accepting such an inheritance:

Would be FOOLISH, is my feeling!! Even a nightmare, I am thinking! But I would get some legal advices and opinions: what would be to the most of my advantage!!

But: it would most certainly be an INTERESTING experience!!, and one I did not yet have the pleasure of tackling or dealing with.😊 Headache, nightmare or JOY and Pleasure??

For now, not expecting above to happen: I am happy within my own current *safety*. = *Queen in my own little castle*, ie my home is my 🏰. And what the future holds: que sera, sera??

Have a great weekend!!❤️❤️

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