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ANTIAGING, being BEAUTIFUL, and so EASY to implement yourself.

Good morning and have a great leasurely SUNDAY.

Okay, you may have heard about HYALURONIC acid too.

Modern times, advertisement (often on TV) about VERY EXPENSIVE S.K.I.N. creams, usually presented by a world-famous (already beautiful) FEMALE movie-star or FASHION model: and *le voila*, that is what YOU can achieve BUYING OUR HYALURONIC acid PRODUCTS.

We look, we think, we wonder, some of us BUY!!! And spend fortunes BUYING such *beauty products*, or ANTIAGING, ANTI WRINKLE creams/products.

Note: these days some beauty conscious MEN too!

Okay, all that is fine, or who cares, or who believes all that promotional advertising & marketing stuff eh. AD NAUSEUM we are bombarded with such through ADS.

Back to the excellent article by http://www.healthifyme.com

Why do I do this??

Re-post/share yet another informational/EDUCATIONAL & in my opinion EXCELLENT article??

It is simple!! ❤️😇

In 1989, ie 23 years back: I decided *in my wisdom*😕😄, or even ignorance: OKAY Willy (A.C.H.S), that’s IT!! NOW, I have done enough *testing*, with the help of MY TOOLS of my trade, to STATE: from now on I am going to FOCUS on: ANTIAGING, and cellular repair/regeneration.

To be honest and fair: I actually was FOCUSSED on: getting to the bottom of UNDERSTANDING A.L.L.E.R.G.I.E.S., and *threw in* anti-aging, cellular repair/regeneration*loosely*, adding them for good measures, even flippantly.😄

Yes! Looking back often throughout those HINDSIGHT years: wow, or hmm, not padding myself on the shoulder either, because it really was NOT EASY (say: against all odds I plodded on).

However: think back eh?? In the late 1980’s!!

Yes!! In the late 1980’s!!

Ask yourself, for instance: where were YOU? And what were you doing in those days?? And how easy was your life then?

Hmm, 😄😄, many were not yet born, or still building sandcastles.

Okay, that you cannot undo, nor be held responsible for. Agreed!! You also cannot blame parents and educators for *not telling you*, whatever it IS, that meanwhile is known, and has been researched! And even has been proven to be true, or *seems to be working and helpful*

Back again to: ONLY this great and VERY UP TO DATE article about HYALURONIC ACID.

Should you have become curious, interested: please*be my guest*, and click on the provided link http://www.healthifyme.com right below the heading, to arrive at the story, at once!

Ie, forget what I typed as additional & personal info & experiences.

Bottomline though: BEAUTY, HEALTH, YOUTH: comes *from within*?? Yes, it does matter. Yes: it is quite true, so: READ everything about HYALURONIC ACID, and specially THE FOODS that contain it.

Note: I have known about the phenomenon HYALURONIC ACID, since around 2005, when the ADS began. Curious me: okay, let’s do a bit of my own research, and see what I can learn/discover. Okay, very little info came up, however enough for me to *keep in the back of my head*😊 and USE since then.

Note: I did believe, 2005, that HYALURONIC ACID might be a REJUVENATING SKIN *something*, and loh & behold: I found ONE Essential Oil containing it IN ABUNDANCE. Okay I thought: good enough for me, I have that Essential Oil, and lots, and know where to buy LOTS more.😊😊

So: I started using it. I have a 10cc bottle with roller, and rub a little, on my wrists, and around my mouth. Ie: if it helps, fine! Besides: far far CHEAPER than those ghastly expensive creams!! Which I always like: why spend a fortune if you have a better product, that costs next to nothing.

However: TODAY, 24th July, 2022, I thought: let me do a quick search online to check whether there is N.E.W. HYALURONIC acid info. AND indeed YES. Wow, these NICE FOLKS at http://www.healthifyme.com provided it!!

So: I am grateful. I thank the folks at http://www.healthifyme.com for their very UP TO DATE + easy information: THE FOODS with that magic substance: available IN ABUNDANCE, right! Easy to know, easy to buy, easy to include in your lifestyle!!

Note: prior to being able TO PUBLISH that great article: a lot of painstaking, tedious, serious RESEARCH was necessary!!! And NOW at everyone’s fingertips!! Also yours.

We are definitely LUCKY, that so much good info is indeed available!!!❤️🙏❤️💪

A fairly unwrinkled Willy Holmes-Spoelder, photo taken on 7th May, 2021, my 80th birthday 😊!! And I do use Hyaluronic Acid!! The foods, and 1 special Essential Oil, ON certain ACUPUNCTURE/pressure points!

Bye bye, 24th July, 2022!!

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