How to Be Happy 27 Habits to Help You Live a Happier Life

I may have shared this earlier. I keep it myself as a REMINDER. WHY? Also I suffer from ups and downs! Ie: don’t we all, being human!

Note: After my own words is the link, at Also they are getting better and better with the most recent and thoroughly RESEARCHED information!

So, it is definitely about HABITS! Dailies, Weeklies, per month, even per ONE YEAR.

And as far as I am concerned: about PEOPLE you know, and/or associate/deal/ have to deal with too, and HOW THEY CAN MESS UP YOUR LIFE, get you riled up, RUIN YOUR HAPPY MOOD, or destroy your EQUILIBRIUM:

Was my reason to CHECK these 27 *how to be happy* with MY HABITS now. Outcome: good to read them again, reminding myself: EVERY DAY is a NEW DAY to do my utmost to keep *myself going*, ie despite whatever shocks or nasties happen, either near me, or globally.

And whilst reading these, also jotting them down, even creating a document, AND sending that to my KINDLE account, and private KINDLE library: WOW: already being able to do that: is something I love to SEE and arrive! Amazing! = I love *little successes* like that.

It is definitely my GRATITUDE for all 21st modern technical facilities, such as INTERNET, online excellent information, being able to READ it, & share!😇❤️💐

Note 1. The SHARING technology with/through phones and tablets, apps is getting better and better.

Note 2. So uploading my OWN personal documents, AND being able to FIND them again, specially: at my KINDLE account: perfect for me! May sound strange, but for me: I LOVE ❤️🙏 having (some only) important docs FILED in my private KINDLE LIBRARY!! Easy to find, and even easier TO READ, as a *book*.😇

So I HOPE sincerely that who-ever reads this, shall take a moment for her/himself, even if possible to be thankful for the GOOD things you ALSO have.

I am saying that, because globally we all are dealing with the aftermaths of the catastrophic COVID.19 years + the ghastlinesses of The Russian/Ukrainian destructions, causing economies to crumble, be in bad shape, and the increase of cost of *energy* to heat houses, drive cars, grow food!!🤕😢😬

Yours sincerely,


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