Discover How Dental Health Issues Can Trigger Other Health Problems

I am posting 2 topics: dental and lymphatic issues.

Both your teeth and many GLANDS, are in that area, your face!

So have a look, also open the link below the image to and read his excellent information.

Dr. Michael Lam and Associates specialize in advising and treating AFS (Adrenal Fatigue SYNDROM). They also do have a fantastic library to peruse.

Note: I subscribe to his emails, and: this is the FIRST time TEETH are mentioned, ie as being the LINK to unlimited PHYSICAL issues one can have, because of your teeth, which many people meanwhile know, but even more people are NOT YET aware of.

Another note: many USA folks, health conscious, swear by *oil pulling* 😄, a few times per week. That is a fantastic method to keep the mouth CLEAN and well described in the article! When you read that: aha, aha, even whitens the teeth!

Tip: use VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, 1 table spoon, melts in the mouth, swish it around, use the tongue, and: SPIT IT OUT, in the trash ie NOT in the sink, or else clogging issue, because virgin coconut oil gets solid again.


Your mouth, and just about everything you need to know, about keeping that in tip top shape

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