Read Dr. Michael Lam’s article, link below.

Reason I am sharing this: many people know creams with Wintergreen against PAINS. It smells good and feels good, does give relief.

What many do NOT KNOW: you have to be VERY CAREFUL using it.

It contains Methyl Salicyl Acid, works like ASPERIN, those little painkiller tablets, one pops in the mouth *like candies* when one has a headache.

NOTE: ASPERIN was registered 100 years ago by the big GERMAN Pharmaceutical BAYER as the *painkiller*, and earned billions. ASPERIN goes by different names in some countries, but it is SALICYL ACID, so check the content, before buying!

In fact: never buy/use ASPERIN again.

So, SALICYLIC ACID, ie painkillers with that are also called NSAIDS, ie Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drug S (Ibuprofen is very common)

Many doctors prescribe NSAIDS, and many can be bought OTC too. And nobody thinks twice using them.

But as far as I am concerned: since I researched all that, and discovered how dangerous these SIMPLE medications (f)actually are : I am never again using anything ever again for PAIN that contains SALICYLIC ACID.

Why? I was born allergic, and hypersensitive, 1941, when nobody knew *anything*.

NSAIDS are a fairly recent medication, the BIG PHARMA earns trillions with, so they are not stopping producing / selling / promoting it. But I am never going to use that ever again. MY PERSONAL CHOICE and decision.

Reason I am sharing this information: many people THESE DAYS are: allergic, and/or hypersensitive.

Everyone should NOW know: that using Salicylic Acid causes ALLERGIES! And messes with the normal human abilities to use the immune system.

Also everyone should know: salicylic acid is a BLOOD THINNER!!

Yes! And people with Bleeding issues therefore should not take ASPERIN and also not WINTERGREEN oil/cream, including WOMEN, with a monthly menstrual cycle 😩☠️

Okay, above my addition to Dr. Michael Lam’s article about WINTERGREEN OIL and PAIN. 🙋🙏

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