OPHIUCHUS, the 13th Astrological ZODIACAL sign

THE ZODIAC with top right OPHIUCHUS, the SNAKE BEARER, active from 30.11. – 17.12. EACH YEAR

Around 2000 the news entered the media that we now have a 13th Zodiacal sign, THE SNAKE BEARER.

Okay, hmm was my reaction, interesting without giving it another thought, except what am I supposed to do with that?

But it stuck in the back of my head!

NOW however, and having added 22 years MORE of my own work, as a metaphysician, and as a VIBRATIONAL and Quantum worker:

OPHIUCHUS has again my attention, so I did a bit of online research to REFRESH my memory.

OPHIUCHUS is also the Greek God ASCLEPIUS, the GOD OF MEDICINE, under the Almighty ZEUS, and is Apollo’s son.

Note: all these gods in mythology, and who is who in which one can be rather confusing and daunting, however: in mythology lies a lot of ANCIENT *wisdom*.

So: I always check, read, put dots on i’s, and try to make sense of a few bits and pieces, for me to USE as a metaphysician and Vibrational and Quantum worker.

Why is that important, you may want to know! Well: we are all EXPOSED to the Universe, the GALAXIES, and stars 🌟 and THAT is still now the situation, for every human being.

Okay, and for what it is worth to you: OPHIUCHUS and ASCLEPIUS are the same gods, but more importantly & definitely a very REAL astro-NOMICAL entity, and with 10 of its own STARS.

Note: Then I also mention EMFS ie Electronic Magnetic Frequencies, a sincere hazard these days, with more and more folks being, becoming SENSITIVE to External INVISIBLES.

EMFS: special and HUGE topic, info available online, ie I am just mentioning it here.

Back to the GALAXIES, and our own Solar system & OPHIUCHUS, part of our solar system, so please:

Have a peek again at the posted picture after the heading where this SOLAR entity is placed: between the Zodiacs SCORPION and SAGITTARIUS!!

Okay, having said that: *FORGET* for the moment that it is now the 13th Zodiacal sign, ASTROLOGICALLY

Why? Well: every professional astrologer is meanwhile panicking HOW to create a client’s astrological CHART, because *everything* we had been fed to accept HAS BEEN WRONG.

That is NOT their mistake though. GUILTY are the infamous BABYLONIAN astrologers, who created BC 1894 the TWELVE & *tropical* zodiacal signs.

Omg, I thought tbh, that is ghastly, those blasted Babylonian chaps, and WE poor suckers have led to believe all that for 4000 years. GRR. They definitely knew OPHIUCHUS existed ASTRONOMICALLY. And why they omitted it:???? I have not yet been able to discover, whilst researching this online, (sofar).

Note: NASA published the *great* news that we now have a 13th Zodiac sign, and by doing so: created such palaver, alarm, and CONFUSION that later NASA retracted their statement (NYT). They are only scientists eh, happy to discover something new or that can be spotted better with the latest telescopic technologies.

Now that some of the WordPress readers of some of my blogs did read it: you are now AWARE of it, and what you CAN DO: YES YES YES:

Yes, make a note in your online calendar that from 30.11 till 17.12 EVERY YEAR, no matter who you are, how old you are, where you live, when/where you were born, gender, time of birth, which religion and no religion:


Between 30th November and 17th December, every year, THE GOD OF MEDICINE & HEALING: OPHIUCHUS, aka ASCLEPIUS is, say *available* for 17 days, 2.5 WEEKS for every human being TO WORK WITH.😆🤓

I know, I know, many do not *believe* in stuff like that. Working WITH the God of MEDICINE? You?

All I can say: TRY IT OUT! How?

Well, be aware that there is more between Heaven and Earth, or God’s ways are mysterious. That is most certainly true.

Note and for the record: it is exclusively and only about yourself, and YOU adapting to the current vibrations of the entire universe. So *wishing* whatever, ie lots of 💰 money, great love or whatever we *want*: unfortunately THAT is NOT what works.

It is you and only you. With enough information now available, online or/and through absorbing NEW (scientific) information HOW to improve your health: Physically, MENTALLY and emotionally.

Oh, and by the way: should YOU have been born IN the zodiacal sign of OPHIUCHUS, between 30th November & 17th December: that is *good news*, because OPHIUCHUS is a great zodiacal sign to *have*.

If so and curious: and want to have a personal chart made: ONLY an astrologer familiar with SIDEREAL astrology is capable to do that. What we have (had) for 4000 years is called TROPICAL astrology, you should no longer believe, and trust.

Goes for everyone! For all believers and users of the TROPICAL zodiacal charts!


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