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Protecting Against Viruses and other Threats to Wellness: The Roles of Cysteine and Selenocysteine

Note from myself: 1. Nutritional Medicine = ORTHOMOLECULAIR Medicine. 2. I have been a Dutch licensed OMT (Orthomoleculair Medicine THERAPIST) since 1992), now retired . However: I still adhere to the OMT beliefs and principles daily, 24/7, and is … Continue reading

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Reason I am posting & asking: I find it quite INTERESTING! People from all walks of life post QUESTIONS, as the topic: WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIAL sidekicks!!🤓 Which I like and find very REFRESHING. Plus: people often write about their OWN … Continue reading

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Obesity: ScientistSS discover the brain cells that drive overeating

Note: this is still in the RESEARCH phase. However: everyone INTERESTED: in H.E.A.L.T.H. does not have to WAIT till that officially has been proven. Briefly: a tiny part of the brain: THE AMYGDALA, part of THE LIMBIC SYSTEM, and there … Continue reading

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