Obesity: ScientistSS discover the brain cells that drive overeating

Note: this is still in the RESEARCH phase.

However: everyone INTERESTED: in H.E.A.L.T.H. does not have to WAIT till that officially has been proven.

Briefly: a tiny part of the brain: THE AMYGDALA, part of THE LIMBIC SYSTEM, and there a miniscule part of that, and there 1 cell, appears to cause OVEREATING

Having typed that: where is all that? THE AMYGDALA *area* is LOCATED just where THE SKULL and the CNS, through THE VERTEBRAE are connected.

You can feel and locate THAT S.O.F.T spot yourself!! And what you YOURSELF can DO: find it, and MASSAGE *there*.

Reason I am sharing: IT WORKS.

Reason I know: I have worked with stuff like that, since 1991, long BEFORE current scientists were busy discovering it.

How to: ?? Just lie down, with your head up against the bed board, with 2 pillows, place one hand back of head, feel that special SOFT spot, bottom/middle skull, AND softly massage there.

It is very RELAXING too, btw.

Try it out!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🤓

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