Protecting Against Viruses and other Threats to Wellness: The Roles of Cysteine and Selenocysteine

Note from myself:

1. Nutritional Medicine = ORTHOMOLECULAIR Medicine.

2. I have been a Dutch licensed OMT (Orthomoleculair Medicine THERAPIST) since 1992), now retired .

However: I still adhere to the OMT beliefs and principles daily, 24/7, and is my online TRADE JOURNAL.

The article (per email) caught my eye/attention: since VIRUSES are the #1 global topic (after the COVID pandemic), so I READ it fully, carefully through.

The article is for ppl like myself, not really for the layperson, BUT: I am SHARING it anyway, because the content is that USEFUL *for everyone*.


CYSTEINE & SELEN(IUM) are cellular SULPHUR activators. How that works is explained in the article, + what YOU can DO yourself wrt a *healthier* lifestyle & DIET.

And/or find a (licensed) NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE doctor IN YOUR country/area to help/advise you.

So someone interested: do read it, and/or: check online: which FOODS contain SULPHUR, selenium, cysteine AND *GLUTHATIONE*


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