💥MY💥 Year💥 2022 💥

Friday 16th December, 2022

Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 everyone and a safe jump into the unknown 2023.

I uploaded a few pictures, stored on my devices: my life, this, that, omg, bygone times, with FOND memories, seeing these! Just for myself, and those of you, finding my WordPress website: thank you!!

Note: typing the captions was hell, on both devices, no idea why, me blaming either WordPress, or my VPN. But: did it: and posted it.

For a good healthy overall metabolism: more than essential to have and work on

The brain, and how that functions, is a complicated issue.
My greatest achievement in 2022: working with OPHIUCHUS, between 30/11 and ending 17/12. Wow.

These 2 nervous systems – and working with them, is absolute hell


These are the ECIWO acupuncture or pressure points.
part of advanced Chinese medicine

One of those useful ACU-points, good, useful to know, and easy to use for EVERYONE.

Good for balancing the entire brain/body, softy, subtly.

Probably the most NEGLECTED SYSTEM by Allopathic and Holistic doctors. But now that YOU KNOW: ❤️ NEVER underestimate your OWN Intelligence!!
I am *blessed* with having cats to take care of. A lot at the moment, because where I live in Southern Turkey, the locals do NOT do a thing..
So I took that on already in those ghastly COVID 19 years: at my own expense, retired with a limited monthly income now: nuturing, vaccinating, super catfood, clean non-fluor local water & they are all thriving.

😇😇 I definitely deserve a place in heaven, but whether I get it??🙈😕
Captured myself, winter 2021, in a reflective mood, and warmly wrapped up😃, a DUTCH resident surviving in Southern Turkey IN THE WINTER, where houses are badly built, and stone cold, no central heating, between mid October & mid April.

Meanwhile I have learned to cope, but new-comer EX-PATS are always in for a great shock, and then complain their *energy-bills are so high.
Not me though, because the other 6 months I hardly use electricity, ie I have no air-conditioning nor a heated swimming pool.
As a Dutch woman, my house is always filled with flowers and plants. I also love old vases/cache pots for those flowers and small round tables.

This painting btw: by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh

This is actually a great POWER SHOT, for the immunesystem.

Not earth shaking info, but because I live off the grid in RURAL southern Turkey: it is remarkable to FIND that, just in a super market! And that is 10km from my residence.

No online shopping and delivery, is my karma.

Work to execute to be a better human being.
This is me, in my mid forties, still in the middle of a well paid commercial international business career.

Great fun, travelling from pole to pole, then 47 years old, I began studying Comprehensive Holistic Medicine, which NOW, at 81 I am still doing.

Mid 1980’s, at my desk, in my office.

In the background a great picture of HONG KONG, then. Omg, I wished I had kept that picture.

This I bought online!! And actually FANTASTIC 🥰👍 but I still have to get that PRINTED. On my list TO DO.
Statue in Amsterdam of BARUCH SPINOZA, the great Dutch philosopher.

He really is my favorite.

1962/3 This really was luxe travelling in those days. Unpressurized DAKOTA, only 32 pax. And a highly trained, competent air-hostess, one only, to be kind to the scared passengers. I was one of them, standing bottom left.

I am trying to look and be like that. Active, well dressed, watching my weight, and with a positive outlook. With a tablet, smart phone, in joggers and leggings, but at 81, with silvery hair. And: looking my age of course.
I ❤ ❤ EASTER. Also bunnies, eggs, and kittens 😸 And that time of the year! SPRING TIME, new EARTH life and energy.
Picture of me, on my 80th birthday, 7th May, 2021. Still in the middle of the COVID.19 horrors. But somehow my friends managed to cook me a delicious birthday dinner, and organize a beautiful cake, 1 candle
A painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Together ❤ with Rembrandt Van Rijn, both Dutch painters, albeit in different centuries: my favorites. And more of that, of course in my hometown AMSTERDAM museums.

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