IT WORKS: and when *it* works, that is PROOF (that it works) : 😀.

The above lovely picture: the result of some great innovative Turkish * constructors: ie NOW possible to enclose an open terrass/balcony.

I am delighted, we now can realize such *dreams*. Certainly it is one of mine, ie on my list of *to do* and get that done.

Yes. You see, when one LIVES year around *under the sun*, ie 6 months *too hot to sit there*, but also 6 months *too cold* to SIT there….. such an enclosed space, is then PART of your ground-floor appartment: absolutely a must. WITH airco, and with HEATING.


Let’s say: the comforts and conveniences WITHIN one’s *private kingdom* must be such: that he/she/those living there: 24/7 must LOVE ❤ being there.


Note: above is no world shattering information, I know that, okay.

However, so many people who visit this country TURKEY 🇹🇷, for a few weeks as a Nordic tourist, IN THE HOTTEST MONTHS, to enjoy the sun, the beaches, the great outdoors, eating *al fresco*, & nightlife *under the sky and stars*, have absolutely no idea nor experience how it is living here: 24/7, and year in, year out.

Note: I live here, year in, year out, just like my Turkish neighbours, but: as someone, whose life, priorly: was one by NORMAL DUTCH STANDARDS, in 1991, as a normal citizen, ie used to and with perfectly functioning Dutch CITY utilities (water, electricity, and good governmental structures).

So: I am rather happy to say, now, life living abroad, even * off the grid* (in the country), can BE rather nice and comfortable. If, if, one likes to be comfortable!! of course.

And having a similar enclosed, formerly *open* terrass (balcony they call it here), my dream, one of my next projects to realize, in 2023!! It does cost a few bucks, but it is now possible & affordable. AMEN.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

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