GUT HEALTH: and things you might not yet know, like what is S.I.B O. and what to do to improve the Small Intestinal Functions.


Okay, below: a great website: I have subscribed to for 15 years.

The founders, 2 UK NUTRIONAL HEALTH experts are very experienced, knowledgeable, and they are determined to SHARE, and help/motivate others, LESS advanced.

What I like most: they practise what they *preach* themselves* and DO NOT PUSH PRODUCTS DOWN YOUR THROAT: ie the USA Internet Marketing *ways*.

One of their *pet* issues: is HOW TO IMPROVE GUT HEALTH. Not particularly by dieting, ie yet another fad diet.

They approach health issues SCIENTIFICALLY, rather technically, and send people *interested* their regular emails.

Note: I became interested, stumbled upon them ages ago: at the time: I was focussing on S.I.B.O. (Small Intestinal BACTERIAL Overgrowth).

And: SIBO is still one of those MAJOR health issues! = SIBO has not gone away mysteriously, SIBO actually is quite *active*.

Note: the WHY’s: of course are multiple, quite complicated, even go back: about 140 years!!! of using: ASPERIN, the trademarked BAYER painkiller.

And believe me: I am NOT the first, nor only person on the planet, who RESEARCHED what a simple tiny white little painkiller (ASPERIN), does to deregulate the HUMAN metabolism.😩👹☠️🤕

Sincerely, Willy Holmes-Spoelder.🙏

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