Türkiye’s inflation rate slows for third month – Latest News


For DECADES: It has been a TURKISH English language newspaper, actually providing QUITE good and accurate information, in ENGLISH.

My long-term TURKISH resident permit, as a DUTCH citizen. My hair has gone white, silvery meanwhile.🤓🙈

Hi everyone: The *DAILY NEWS* , a TURKISH Daily Newspaper IN ENGLISH. It has been in existence for decades, in those days, specially for English speaking persons *living AND working in Turkey* to understand what was going on, on a daily basis, economically mostly.

I arrived in TURKIYE in 1991, not understanding Turkish, found the Turkish *Daily News* outside a shop in the street, bought it, AND then sat down outside to READ my morning newspaper, with a cup of (terrible) Nescafe powder coffee.

It was *the best* I could have & find in those days: the 1990’s: the newspaper AND the terrible coffee.

One day, sitting somewhere outside, my glasses perked on my nose: the coffeeshop owner asked me (he spoke English): *who are you*?? I looked up, frowned: What do you mean? Oh… he explained: I thought may be you are a journalist or a SPY???

🤓🤓 I laughed, no no, I am fairly NEW here, in Turkey, so I thought: let’s acquaint myself a bit with your country, it’s economy, finance, culture and habits. This TURKISH DAILY NEWS helps me do that.

Jeez, I thought: a SPY? Me? Do I look like a spy, or a foreign journalist? No way, impossible, I am just a happy visitor, staying for a while, in Southern Turkiye (with a VALID Dutch passport, AND CASH!!!) sitting here, in the morning sun, and minding my own business.

Fast forward: ie 3O + years later: the world has changed beyond belief.

And: The Turkish DAILY NEWS still exists, and is available ONLINE, for everyone!!!

I have the link in my Google bookmarks, to click on, when I FEEL like reading the most recent news, and: TODAY: Ah: about INFLATION, CPI: interesting, wrt fairly REALISTIC info about that.

Note: Such information: like inflation and cpi statistics do give you an idea how things are, economically, eh? And 2022 has been a really bad year, with in October 2022 in the 80%. January 2023 appears better, down to in the 50%.

Okay…. So The Turkish DAILY NEWS, online is quite a good SOURCE for anyone INTERESTED in whatever goes on in TURKIYE, even: compiled global news, source often given.

I am NOT promoting the newspaper perse, however: everyone INTERESTED may find it a useful SOURCE reading.

Bottomline: the world has changed dramatically!! TURKIYE is IN THE NEWS regularly.

TURKIYE has been a longtime NATO member, the TURKISH president, Mr. Recep ERDOGAN is a longtime, seasoned, very experienced, and STRATEGIC politician, who has been in power since 1999.

Note: I do not want to talk *politics*, EVER.

However: for better or worse: President Recep ERDOGAN is the Turkish President, with a large group of followers, but also a large group of *I do not like him*, as it goes *in politics*.

Also: many people DO NOT vote.

And EVERYONE wants: …: enough MONEY in Turkish Lira, and/or $$$ €€€, to PAY their BILLS, to SELL/ buy products, and stay: ALIVE, privately, and in business.

The latter: Staying alive, privately and/or in business of course has to do with a HEALTHY ECONOMY.

That goes for every country on the planet and the people of these countries, ie we all are the same, when it has to do with having (enough) money 💰 💰, for basics at bare minimum, and if possibly: for repairs, maintenance, renewal of domestic things.

I am emphasizing the above.

Just normal BASICS. Not: eating out, buying designer clothes, shoes, jewellery, expensive watches, cars, shoes, nor HOLIDAYS. All those: nice LUXURIES, I too like, however: stick to BASICS, and control your urges: I have to tell myself ALWAYS.

That means definitely: BUDGETING, staying within my monthly income, as a retired single INDEPENDENT individual.

Note:I am like that. So: NOT talking about what I would like to have and buy. NO, just plain normal and 21st century life stuff: heating, hot running water, an indoor toilet, wifi, tv, electric and electronic machines and devices. And food of course.

Again: I am like that, and have to be/stay like that, and: globally billions of normal folks are like that, FEEL and THINK the same. Versus: what we are getting now by TV, the social media: WAR, destruction, refugees, hunger, desperation, and so many unhappy people, (as if THAT is all that is going on), and ADVERTISEMENTS TO BUY BUY BUY, as if money grows on trees, and we do not have a global economic crisis.

So *running a country* is BUSINESS, and BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, and having good, SANE business managers therefore is the BEST for every business. Goes for every person, every business & every country, officially me staying THE OBVIOUS

Ending this blog: The Turkish DAILY NEWS online is a newspaper providing info for people like that, and who actually LIKE a SANE HEALTHY life.

In KAYA Koy, Southern Turkey, with bad, cold weather, icy arctic Siberian winds, my home (roof over my head, & heated) I am posting this:

A grateful long-term resident of Turkiye: Willy Holmes-Spoelder.🙏🧙

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