Turkey-Syria earthquake live updates: Hundreds killed in 7.8-magnitude quake near Gaziantep – The Washington Post


It is already global ghastly, shocking news. The Washington Post, & thank you, provided an excellent story.

We in TURKIYE are devastated.

Where I live in Southern Turkiye, all Turkish people have loved ones in that huge EASTERN part of Turkiye.

And at the moment: it is bitterly cold!!

The death toll is already ghastly, the injured count rising.

Note: I am just posting this, to remind myself: that I live in the #2 part of the world, with earthquakes.

A Turkish earthquake expert SHOWED a map, on CNN/Turk explaining things, but seeing that was an education for me. Brr.

I cannot upload it unfortunately: however: a huge thick red line, the centre GAZIANTEP in Eastern Turkiye, all the way straight thru Turkiye up North-West direction Istanbul.

Our PLANET is moving, deep down, and also deep down through the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to the West Coast of the USA, San Francisco, the St. Andreas Crevice.

Many people already know this: ie one day something is going to *happen*: (a giant crack), destroying the planet.

I am not a negative person though, and HOPE that is not going to happen. Keeping my fingers crossed.

From Southern Turkiye, I post this, where we did have small an earthquake 10 days ago, people here also felt.

KAYA Koy, Fethiye, February 6th, 2023,

Willy Holmes-Spoelder 😭😥😢

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