Photos: Deadly quake strikes Turkey and Syria | CNN

Because I live in Turkiye, I have a more than usual *interest* in this ghastly catastrophe, of course as a human being, but also again all about earthquakes.

The like above shows photos, by CNN. And should you want to see that, the current devastation EARTHQUAKES can cause: please have a look. Thanks.

All of yesterday, 6th February, 2023 I watched TV, latest updated news: Turkish tv, CNN (second to none !!), German news, and a DUTCH late talk show.

By doing that: I do not feel better, and that goes for everyone. Absolutely ghastly. One feels powerless, as just one individual, sitting at home, in Turkiye, far away from the area that has been struck. However: TURKIYE has been considered scientifically as the #2 earthquake territory on the planet, after San Francisco. Most folks probably know that.

So…. earthquakes is not a new thing! Also that we know. And how that works, how/why they occur: is NOT everyone’s daily job, or scientific chosen carrier to research, study. Certainly not mine, but at the moment: I am doing a bit of *general* research. And: writing it down here: just for myself, and publishing it: for anyone to read 📚 if he/she wants to.

The photographs of the current disaster: by CNN, ghastly. I looked at them again, and my heart ❤ cringed with pain, and feeling for all those poor poor victims.

Okay, I also just read a story, published a few years back in National Geographic about earthquakes in the HISTORY of TURKIYE, and the entire Mediterranean area, – ancient Greece and Mesopotamia. A lot of mystical, also superstitious stuff goes with that, because the ancients did not KNOW, what we now know through RESEARCH, and scientific evidence.

Knowing is USUALLY better than remaining ignorant. PREVENTIONS can be developed and worked on. But when it comes to EARTHQUAKES: even if some scientists can predict one is going to occur: nobody knows when…(exactly)

That then: is the SCARY thing, THE FEAR, for people living in earthquake territories. YES.

So: travelling through this entire area, looking at remnants of ancients buildings, that were destroyed by former ancient earthquakes is ONE THING, but being IN an earthquake, like at THE MOMENT is quite another ghastly REALISTIC awareness or experience.

The entire Western humanitarian world, and all its humanitarian organizations are already WORKING 24/7, in the area, on the spot, and in ghastly icy cold weather, trying to save lives. The lives of people!!

That is a positive thing albeit: a race against time, like: how long can a victim last buried, locked in, under concrete rubble. Therefore: those humanitarian helpers men and women are my heroes! I thank all of them.

7th February, 2023, in Southern Turkey, KAYA KOY (valley), where the EARTH is also *wobbly*!!!

Yes, I feel our planet’s tectonic plates moves!!! In my nervous system, which is very UNPLEASANT. It is usually NOT scary, just very unpleasant. But the awareness!!! that an earthquake can also HIT ME here: is SCARY.

7th February, 2023, Willy Holmes-Spoelder

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