The Ancient Ruins of KAYA KOY, near Fethiye in Southern Turkey.

The valley below is where the today’s villagers live. Where also I live as a long-term Dutch resident, (since 1996)

It is an absolutely beautiful, rural and peaceful valley. About 10 km away from the busy small city Fethiye, where I do my shopping, and where the official buildings are: city hall, doctors, dentists,the 3 hospitals, a football stadion and every Tuesday: the great open market.

I am posting this (picture) to remind myself: that living here is rather nice. I wanted to do that, because for 3 days I have been watching the ghastly earthquake news on tv. Which is the reality of course at the moment.

However: we also need nicer things to see, focus on, talk about, being able to do and look forward to. I do.

And soon it is going to be spring, soon it is going to be lovely weather.

Nature has its way to help: fresh leaves and blossoms on trees, spring flowers, new tiny goats are born and a lot more of that normal regularly returning NICE stuff.

That is also important. Life goes on, I live now, and must continue to be happy, optimistic, despite the terrible things happening.

Okay? Turkey is a wonderful country TO VISIT. With lots and lots of nice things to do, and see, whilst visiting. So please remember that (too). We do not have earthquakes all the time, the country is not at war, nor destroyed by war or this earthquake.

And from Fethiye: one can go by ferry or hovercraft to the nearest Greek island RHODOS (only 4 / 2.5 hrs respectively), a great experience too.

9th February 2023, Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

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