Tapping for Transformation – Mary Sise, LLC


Reaching your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, easily with this therapy HELPS.

Today, 11th February, 2023, after the horrendous TURKIYE earthquake, with many survivors who LOST loved ones (meanwhile over 26.000 perished), I am sharing this.

Mary Sise, a NEW YORK licensed social worker and psycho-energy therapist treated many victims AFTER hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and 9/11 World Trade Center, NY.

The energy therapy she works with is based on Thought Field Therapy (Dr. Roger Callahan/deceased).

Note: so simply said: in the subconscious: the thoughts are *stored*, causing SUBCONSCIOUS S.T.R.E.S.S, also mental and PHYSICAL trauma, fatigue, overload, and *need* therapy/attention.

And someone might like to check out Mary Sise’s website: she has weekly online group sessions too, (I just read myself). In ENGLISH, evenings USA: EST time.

11th February, 2023, in KAYA KOY, I wish everyone: a happy peaceful weekend.💓🙋🙏

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