The dangers of essential oils: Why natural isn’t always safe – CNET

ESSENTIAL OILS, and the beauty of being able to use them: PROPERLY, is more my passion to be busy with:

However: FIRST (things first): I want everyone to READ the article published through the above given link.

Really important. For instance: BEWARE of using most in a diffusers, also why.

Do not use essential oils in diffusers when you have: 1.children, 2. PETS (cats and dogs in the house), and 3. NOT if someone is ALLERGIC.

Okay, having typed all that: as a kick-off: I myself have WORKED professionally with Essential Oils, since 1988.

N.O.T. I repeat: not as a seller, producer nor as *an aromy-therapist*, but as an *ADVANCED APPLIED KINESIOLOGYST *!!! And that is the difference between me and just about everyone: SELLING, using, promoting essential oils.

Note: an Advanced Applied Kinesiologyst uses *substances* AS S.E.N.S.O.R.S!!!! Yes: substances in tiny 1cc test phials.

The physical body of the client then tells the therapist, using special DIAGNOSTIC techniques: yes, good for me, or NO not good for me!!!

Having said that: such a TRAINED, and licensed health therapist has been educated HOW TO TEST & BALANCE ENERGY of a client. And would never recommend diffusing essential oils, before the therapist KNOWS the client’s circumstances: living with a family, and/or domestic pets, AND whether the client is *sensitive* to the substance being tested.

And before an AKK therapist can work like that: first a costly education + about 400/500 HANDS ON training and practice.

I did all that: from 1887 to 1991, prior to opening my own health clinic, so meanwhile over 30 years using the oils: I can honestly say: I have *a bit* of experience.

Essential oils a licensed A.A.K. therapist uses as SENSORS. We do not diffuse, nor promote, nor sell them. In fact an AAKer is non-commercial!! We are therapists, diagnosticicians.

Note: fortunately NOW: A lot of excellent information has become available ONLINE, and based on serious research 😀 (also about essential oils).

12th February, 2023 WILLY HOLMES-SPOELDER.

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