17th February, 2023: FREQUENCIES, VIBRATIONS & SOUND, MHz & Hz.


Note: the link provided above: takes you to the website with MORE LINKS, and with LISTS A/Z of illnesses ++ and the frequencies these VIBRATE ON.

And: not everyone is interested, nor *ready*, I am aware of this: however: I am posting & sharing so that those interested can get to know a bit more! 🙏🔥

1. Dr. ROYAL RIFE, (Wikipedia for complete biography and his revolutionary work), was an unusual and relentless researcher, WAY WAY AHEAD OF HIS TIME.

2. Attention: I should actually say: WE ARE WAY WAY BEHIND, about nearly 100 years behind what Dr. Royal RIFE worked on: FREQUENCIES. To be more exact: frequencies of DISEASES, ILLNESSES, BACTERIA, PARASITES++

Note: In Dr. Royal Rife’s time: the USA powers that were: did not LIKE such information, and did everything to either block this, and threaten him.

3. However: NOW we do have INTERNET, and: we are capable of doing our OWN RESEARCH. Including myself!!

4. With regard to myself & USING frequencies: I work with them, since 1991. Then: I had never heard of Royal RIFE. Then: we did not have Internet, wifi, smartphones, Wikipedia did not exist, and a lot more WE did not have but have NOW.

Okay having said that: (stating the obvious), you are never too young nor too old, to get to know whatever is NEW – FOR – YOU.

Note: I wanted to upload and share the EXTENDED LIST OF RIFE FREQUENCIES here, but grrr. my devices did not provide the WordPress app. Besides WordPress is moving into a NEW approach with WP JETPACK 🙈😃🤷. So I downloaded that, even DELETED the WP app (WP says: please do that to avoid technical conflicts)

Okay: 👍 done. JETPACK app YES in the drop-down list, so: I quickly used that.

Back to FREQUENCIES though: which definitely are my #1 interest, (=I wanted to share that), the extended list!! for the reader’s convenience. And should that be possible: I shall do so later.

FREQUENCIES & VIBRATIONS: definitely a complicated topic, but they exist & the more someone knows about it, in my opinion, THE HEALTHIER one might get and IMPROVE his/her own cellular functions.

I remain: Willy Holmes-Spoelder, in Southern TURKIYE – KAYA KOY, 🙋💓

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