19th February, 2023 & THE CALCIUM METABOLISM

A clear picture only, just have a look! And remember: everyone has a calcium metabolism! A good one: is the difference between: feeling good or *terrible*.

I wanted to upload/share an excellent 23p. RESEARCH PAPER. However: although stored on my devices: no way I could (share) with a JETPACK app in the drop-down list. Grr.

Note: that particular research paper I cannot even find again online.

What I wanted to do and share here: a 23p. document straight from my own archives: no LUCK.

So I started *again* online to see whether I could find something suitable and share! Lots and lots of info about CALCIUM, and that it is important for human health & all metabolic functions. Great! I saw some fantastic PPT slide shares! (Wow, I reacted: we don’t do them much online these days).

Bottomline: The CALCIUM METABOLISM IS: VERY VERY IMPORTANT, but I cannot share what I wanted to share here! Sorry.

The point is: everyone does not want to spend hours reading, searching, unless one is a *fanatic* or a student.

I just wanted to make it EASY!! here, to read, for others to get some information that having a healthy calcium metabolism is necessary.

Note: My calcium metabolism is better than that of most people, and that did not happen automatically nor overnight recently. NO.

I started with that: 1989! Already then I knew: swallowing additional calcium tablets: does NOT WORK. In those days that was the latest MUST, to do, with ads and medical doctors prescribing it. Grrr.

NO!! I decided there and then, suspicious!

However in 1989 I had just finished my first Alternative Holistic Health education: ORTHOMOLECULAR NUTRITION AND MEDICINE, school: Prof. Dr.Dr. Linus Pauling, 2x Nobel price Laureate.

One studies, learns, takes/passes exams, gets a diploma/certificate, an official license to open a clinic, and then starts getting clients!! HANDS ON, working PHYSICALLY with a client, with sessions of 60/90 minutes!

Note: the above: is actually THE BEST! Contrary to these days: the online ways, we are now having. NO.

However: me SHARING whatever here: may help someone to TAKE AN INTEREST, do his/her further online investigations, and get better educated! After all: we do not learn certain things whilst young(er), simply because we are walking a certain chosen road & and career/profession.

Happened to me too! First a commercial career, and then: I jumped in the deep: ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC HEALTH & Medicine studies!

Meanwhile: back to THE CALCIUM METABOLISM: because I also practice what I preach: my BONES, my VERTEBRAE, also MY BLOOD, and a lot more too: are in excellent *condition*.

That took a lot of research, a lot of effort, also PHYSICALLY! But NOT!!! mentally nor *emotionally*!! NO. I was really DETERMINED to have strong healthy bones and vertebrae IN MY OLD AGE!!🤓

Okay, this post is a start! As soon as I find EASY TO READ info about The CALCIUM METABOLISM, uploadable here: I shall do that.

Note: last but not least: I am quite happy that I can share GLOBALLY! 🌏🌍🌎. And in ENGLISH.

Had I just stayed in The Netherlands, working with local Dutch clients, (and no knowledge of foreign languages): well that was definitely NOT my road, (or karma).

🙋🙏💞 Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

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