Visit: for P.A.I.N.

Note: This USA clinic has been in existence for DECADES, treatment PAINS. Their online website provides a F*ree archive.

I found in 2008. I stored one sheet about: are *your feet killing you*, came across that a few days ago (in my archive), and: wow 👌 going into their online archives: a real treasure trove!

My points here are:

Having pains: DRAINS you! Makes one feeling irritable, tired and ANXIOUS.

And: instead of swallowing painkillers: PAIN can be dealt with differently, successfully. All sheets SHOW and explain what someone can DO for her/himself, (and/or a child, a friend, HANDS ON!! NOW.

(Without travelling xxx miles, and a long waiting list, everyone can benefit from using such sheets to deal with pain).

PS. The sheet at the top: best to visit the MYO REHAB website:

21.02.2023 Willy Holmes-Spoelder, a firm convinced user of HANDS ON treatments.🥰

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