25th February: PAIN & PHYSIOTHERAPY, warmly recommended.🤓🥳


Please click on the link, and read.

128 pages of excellent BASIC educational, enlightening information about PHYSIOTHERAPY.

A Medical Doctor PHYSIOTHERAPY as can be read: has spent over 5 years of studying at a legally registered institution/university. And what a PHYSIOTHERAPY student has to KNOW is phenomenal.

At your service, suggesting: read 📚 BEFORE you decide or choose and spend a lot of time, agony, and money🤑🤑🤑
And an absolutely excellent SELF HELP manual 💖👏💪, warmly recommended.

SELF HELP & doing something yourself to improve your well-being vs SWALLOWING painkillers: your choice!

When you have physical PAIN(S), consider to FIRST get yourself checked out: by an officially licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR, and have PHYSIOTHERAPY.

NOTE: Such a medical checkup often, usually, is covered financially by someone’s national HEALTHCARE system. Western countries have them. But I am fully aware that some countries do not even have a healthcare system providing basic medical services. 😭😡

Adding: about *national healthcare*: many countries have BILATERAL agreements. The Netherlands 🇳🇱 / Turkey 🇹🇷 over 50 years already.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

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