Sunday, 26th February, 2023 on the UP & UP

YES, the weather: GOOD NEWS 👍👌 a positive awareness, the forecast is amazing!!! Where I live, Southern TURKIYE. With millions of people in the more Northern located countries, on the Northern half of our planet, still shoveling snow!

I apologize 😔, these temperatures are in CELSIUS!! Also aware that means nothing to people thinking in FAHRENHEIT. But: midweek: 25 CELSIUS: would be a nice *normal* SUMMER temperature in my own home country The Netherlands 🇳🇱.

In New Zealand, Southern Hemispheres, it is slowly drifting into Autumn. I know that, because I visited the 2 islands. My late spouse was a – by birth – a KIWI / New Zealander, so we visited and travelled by car from Keri Keri – Bay of Islands, down South!

We visited his (former) ancestral homestead, 500 acres land, near CHRISTCHURCH, located at HOLMES’s BAY.

And with regard to THE WEATHER: ie summertime in New Zealand: he gave me the wrong advice: take summer cloths. 😑 It was COLD!! I had to BUY sweaters to not *freeze to death*!!

Note: My late husband R.A.F. Squadron Leader Huntley Gordon HOLMES had not been back since WORLD WAR II, so the visit was indeed a great event and experience for the entire HOLMES family: he, I: his Dutch wife, and a city girl, and our 2 kids, then aged 7 and 6.

I forgave him, me packing semi-tropical summer cloths. It actually turned out to be the coldest summer then in 60 years! That does happen, typically my bad luck of course. But we did have an amazing holiday in New Zealand!


Should someone ask me now: what kind of cloths to pack, coming here NOW, seeing my optimistic KAYA KOY chart: prepare yourselves.

Bring sweaters, T shirts, a windproof jacket and/or body warmer, SOCKS, and good walking shoes. Because in the evenings it does get quite chilly (Celsius and Fahrenheit). Besides: where ever you stay as a TOURIST in amazing TURKIYE: no central heating, no floor heating, (just a blowing hot air device on the wall is all you can expect).

Yes! Trust me! I would not want a visitor to be cold and miserable, on holiday 😫 without all the comforts of being at home. And of course because I myself made such mistakes.

Who wants to be cold and miserable? Nobody I am willing to bet.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon at home 🏡

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