28th February: The ELEVEN YEAR SOLAR CYCLE – happening NOW.

The effects of the 11 year Solar Cycle for people on planet Earth exists.

Note: understanding the technicalities ASTROPHYSICS is not everyone’s interest, cup of tea.

However: The MEDIA are paying attention to this one, 27/28 February, 2023, with really amazing super videos and pictures: AURORA BOREALIS (The NORTHERN Light) can/could be seen all the way in the Middle of Europe.

Instead of normally, certain time of the year in the ARCTIC (Alaska, Norway etc).

Apart from that: and really, really, super-duper awesome: AURORA BOREALIS:

That *change* of our SUN: effects us on our planet Earth. Mostly I understand in the STRATOSPHERES, hence my small image (to show that).

So The Sun does that: changes its programme, turns around on another 11 year programme: MAGNETICALLY. And that effects also people: and magnetically + electro-magnetically: also influences electro magnetic devices, satellites (man-made too).

Having typed all that: not myself an ASTROPHYSICIST: I am just sharing this phenomenon, so that whoever reads my post at least *knows* this 11 year cycle of our 🌞 SUN exist and does influence everything on our planet!

28th February, 2023 (next one: in 2034).

Willy Holmes-Spoelder 🌞🔥❤️

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