17th March, 2023 and: Mind Problems ?? – The best aromatherapy essential oils for Mind Problems are listed at the link below.A


TAKE A BREAK – We all have mind issues.

After a few days, myself, with great and interesting events 😀 that were part of MY DAILY LIFE: I need to RECHARGE my batteries.

I work with plants, herbs, spices, tinctures, over 120 essential oils, ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine, and also with 38 BACH remedies. So: I honestly can say: I do have just about everything a Holistic Healer might recommend a client WITH certain issues and/or ailnents/illnesses at my fingertips.

I am busy at the moment: DRYING GRAPEFRUIT SKIN & PULP, and BROCCOLI 🥦. THAT: I grind to powder, and that I store, and that I USE: either the *non-capsulated* powder, or: as a *tincture* (1 oz = 25 gr = 1 table spoon +/- on 4 oz ALCOHOL: ETHYL, or vodka, or brandy)

Having said that: even although I do have really fantastic natural medicine, available 24/7, to grab, use: FIRST THINGS FIRST, after s.o.o.o much unusual excitement: my own Dutch fellow country folks 😀 are awake!! = RELAX RELAX RELAX, Willy.

My MIND + BODY need: time out. That I do: ♥ lying down, on a bed with a special, heated, pad, with 3 pillows to support my neck and back, in a cozy private corner and with a hugging quilt + my ebook reader. Revives me fast, max 30 minutes.

= NO MUSIC, VOICES, SOUNDS. = Not in your bed, NOR: hanging, collapsing on a couch in the lounge/TV room. That works counter productive.

Above *home*, self therapy: warmly recommended.

Try it out yourselves, over your weekend(s).

🤩💤🙏 Willy Holmes-Spoelder

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