Election results: Dutch farmers party BBB wins big in provincial elections

Below: link provided: 3 pages in ENGLISH, courtesy of: http://www.iamexpat.nl about a MAJOR LANDSLIDE and shift in THE NETHERLANDS

1. Thing is: excellent and educational information. For everyone on our planet.

2. Why: because The Dutch PEOPLE have voted: we are complete fed up with things in The Netherlands. We WANT *a life*, we want to be able to pay out bills, we want our kids to be able to *have a life* too, +++

3. And: all that is very very HUMAN, in fact completely overrides: politics: I am left/right, or: I always am a member of: whatever party. NO.

4. The Dutch voted massively: for having a decent (personal) life & a NO NONSENSE – Common Sense – administration/management.

5. A country needs an administration, of course, or else: complete chaos. So I am not saying this is going to be easy.

Below: the story:


Note: this expat website publishes other interesting stuff too.🌏😆

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