WORDPRESS since 2007/ nowJetpack🌍 living in the Turkish Valley KAYA KOY (since 1997).

I no longer use a laptop, switched to Samsung tablets in 2018, and love using these.

I also do have a Samsung smartphone: because one cannot function without one now.

Note: In my earlier days online, with a really great large screen Hewitt PC, and a fantastic printer: I had a smart PC technician, however: there was always SOMETHING, not working, tiny hick-ups I could not fix, he had to come here, I had to WAIT!! A real frustration.

These days: my devices are always WORKING, which is BETTER than best.

About reading ebooks: 📚 I find reading with my smartphone comfortable, easy to hold and relaxing.

I use the Microsoft translator daily now, instead of all my hardcover dictionaries: Dutch/English/Turkish/German & French.

Note: You have no idea how tiresome it can be to remember: the correct word for rhubarb, or purslane, chives +++ in 5 languages + in US/UK English, and check again whether you got the plant, tree , 🌿 herb 🌿 spice RIGHT. A real headache.

Updated Wednesday 7th June, 2023

By: Willy Holmes-Spoelder.

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