About the Author

Willy Holmes-Spoelder is a Dutch national, a longterm resident of KAYA KOY, near Fethiye, TURKEY.

She began her life, education and working career in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

With a lifetime of experience living, having visited over 85 countries, many more foreign cities, districts, villages, whilst first active in the International Business Community for 25 years, then: as a Holistic Health Practitioner for 30 years, and still counting: she wishes to share her professional and practical experiences, useful tips, the HOW TO, the *why*s.

♥ Health, safety, feeling good, and longevity especially, matter, and she shares, writes whatever might be useful, or helpful.✍🤷‍♂️

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, KAYA KOY, Turkiye

Updated: 11th March, 2023.

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