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20 08 2015

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I am currently sorting out my immense collection of information:  READ, then saved in PDF, however really needs  NEW arranging and a clean-up. Grr.

Every single day I read, collect current, new or repeated information which I began listing under *2015* (the current year we live in). Made sense to me: then as soon as we have *2016* I simply change the name of the file on my PC and so on.

Nothing earthshaking: however I am both a private person and a professional (health) therapist with so many diverse interests, TOPICS (of interest), even *persons of interest* and for me it is, let’s say USEFUL that with the flick of my wrist I can lay my hands on things immediately.
That has worked – so far – extremely well, however: earlier collected imformation I began filing  *as Windows had it for everyone* (documents, audios, music, pictures, favorites etc). Also that worked fairly well since I came online (2.2006). In addition I created a special section: *my archive A-Z* transferring stuff there I wanted to keep. For instance under P. I have a sub-section PEOPLE, wishing to save for instance obituaries of people I had known.

At the time: early 2006, a heavenly experience for someone who was, still is living in the backwaters of Southern Turkey. February 2006: ADSL instead of slow *dial-up* became available here.

I have lived here of and on from 1991 – 1996. Eventful years with none of the normal modern facilities I was used to throughout my *modern* upbeat life in The Netherlands

Then: I moved from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to live here for *a while*, arriving on 3rd July, 1996. A tiny appartment of 25 sq.m. in the centre of the small city Fethiye I had kept on as a tenant, since 1992. It had a front door, a tiny shower, a cubicle kitchen, and a *room with a view*.

TODAY: I have moved on, the world at large is no longer as it *has been*. I for one LOVE it, and without my access to Internet I would not be having my current WISHES to improve  REFERENCE materials I collected since day one.

YESTERDAY: I really *stumbled upon* some files, filed under *2011 – projects*. wow – I reacted. And again: goodness me: amazing stuff – which I had not looked at for years, with of course good intentions to sort out the years *2008 – 2012* projects. I got *bleary-eyed* rather late in the evening, discovering these, made a short-link on my desktop, as a reminder of *to tackle*
Then of course I do need some sleep, I do have my normal daily chores, the normal daily office and business rituals and events exist. and uppermost for me also exists: my also normal daily metaphysical work – with pen, pencils, on A4 or A3 ordinary White (blanc) paper.

Not anyone but me has what I have, which goes for everyone. But: what I do I LOVE doing, all of it, therefore it would be pleasant to have some hired help for the more mundane jobs such as cleaning the house etc. I do it myself, no grumbling too.  Still: if only I could FULLY concentrate on what I LOVE best, even DO best.

PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE, had been hammered into me, when I was anxious to become the best user of a PC. It takes time. I am not a mechanic capable of fixing every snag PC’s develope when one uses them. My *strenght* that shall never be. It just does not make me feel good, but others love that. My PC technician is one of them.

Still: having a PC:  I LOVE.

Very *cool* I think to have all my *information* stored on my PC + of course  external USB – TBs (meanwhile). Instead of having BOOKS in bookcase, in a complete library, even lined up on all the walls of my house. YES!! I definitily prefer having all my information stored on 1PC, with  external USB backups.

It means: YES, I need to get myself better organized *within* the borders of my *mobile* OFFICE. Everything has to be there, instantly, for me to LOOK at. Whatever and which *to choose from* for others as a health therapist and  -consultant. It is *the business I am in*, it is the road I chose to travel since 1985, when I attende my very first symposium about ALLERGIES.
That meanwhile is 30 years ago, and not only am I 30 years *older*, i.e. a lot has happened, I also have gained the most fantastic experiences = which I collected & have put into practice 24/7 since then. One day long ago, in the early days of my current career I said to myself: I need to live a very, very long time in order to PROVE that what I decided to do – I did.

NO BETTER PROOF, I am still believing than LOOKING at me * as the proof* (of what I set out to do, which at the time I had labelled as REJUVENATION. The phrase ANTI-AGING did not exist in 1990.

Still a lot to DO. The more I work, the more I research, the more work I seem to be *able* to take on, which in itself is EXCITING. Yes, very much so.

Yet:  I am still: THE IMPERFECT LADY, who needs to stay *on the ball* doing the best job possible.

That this attempt to write some text on my own little website + upload a picture  went well: for me: a good moment in time.
That this then gets *published* and appears in the searchengines remains magical. I therefore have every reason and passion to PROCEED the way I am proceeding: step-by-step, until one day when I really can say: NOW: I am rather pleased with my own stored information ON my own PC, on my own external USb storage device.

MIRACLES never cease to happen !!! = I can open my own website again, NOT through my technical abilities though

19 08 2015

In search of online information about GOOD PRINCIPLES, today I came across a website where such has been written down, beautifully.
GOOD BASIC principles. Yes.
The uploaded PDF is about the man WHO created this website, his own life. I was deeply moved and so happy that he proceeded to create a powerful , worthwhile life for himself, married a wonderful woman and now has SEVEN beautiful children. AWESOME.

Note: in the process, having been a bit negligent seeing some of my own online creations are functioning I discovered: YIPPIE, this online one NOW is working again. Only a few weeks ago, for the life of me: could not open it, could not FIX whatever WordPress said one has to do & gave up (hours I spent)

There is no greater FEELING than: pfff…got that fixed…got that working again, and including one’s OWN declining health.
Mine, at my age.Willy, WeeMee Skype-willyspoelder: well: not that bad, but as I pointed out to a friend of mine recently: I do not jump over hedges these days. Not that I ever did, but in a manner of speaking, illustrating my declining years.

Life Engineering – Rusty Lindquist

willy holmes-spoelder

27 07 2015

I cannot enter my own website
I do have this registered and purchased through website and
before I *have to go* through some very tiresome efforts, emailng wordpress I am uploading & publishing this message.
After all: even if I did not use the facility for a while: the website must be accessable.

Thank you.
Willy Holmes-Spoelder

ABRAHAM (Ibrahim in the Islamic world) & To all my great GRANDCHILDREN

26 07 2014

Happy Day

Nearing the final days of the Holy month of RAMADAN, as a long-time resident of Turkey, I am HAPPY. The sun is shining, my neighbours, all adhering to those Islamitic traditions of the RAMAZAM (=Turkish) are happily together, talking, eating at sun-set and automatically also I am – sort of – following such a daily habit.
But in truth and reality: I do have my OWN set of daily habits as well.

That means: WORK – WORK – WORK at keeping me and my dearest loved ones INFORMED about being healthy, wealthy and wise. These important 3 of course mean everything to everyone of CHINESE origin.
I love that WISDOM.
But someone needs KNOWLEDGE how to achieve this.

And implementing knowledge on a regular daily basis definitely needs STAMINA, persistence. In order to do so, someone needs to the ability to think, certainly about recently FOUND information.

My life is filled with such great issues and whether others are fasting, not fasting, and having a wonderful family gathering, as is the custom, tradition during this peak RAMADAN period must not stop me *doing my thing*.

The current possibility to gather information online makes me a very contented user of the search engines until I find what I happen to be interested in. I manage to get about 5 hours of solid non-stop reading, absorbing, until my bodily functions begin warning me to stop for the day and get up, go, do some other useful work, such as preparing a meal.

Oh well, I usually say to myself: all good stuff I got out of the search engines at such a moment in time: very useful, rather important, however: after a while when I myself happen to stumble upon what I did store on my office PC: umngh..did I collect this?
Fortunately I do not have to remember when I collected such information since the PC with Windows 7 Pro automatically registers that.

Now, these days I am very often DELETING information, deciding either YES, I know this or Yikes: I do not want to look at this ever again, even: I do not want to have it stored on my PC.
At first I got a bit nervous stumbling on information, anxious NOT to be able to find it again. Of course and yes: store the link in *your favorites*, which I used to do, however for years now I rarely use them.
It means that the search engines are very very good, also: so much excellent information is now available provided by others through their website that I at least no longer feel anxious that I cannot find information I am looking for, either to refresh my own memory, update my own dusty knowledge.

Oh yes: about ABRAHAM: the man who began looking for a better place and life for his entire family – he started all 3 major religions: i.e. Judaism, Islamism, Christianism.

AMAZING!! honestly, my eyes rapidly began to read and read, until I just had to stop on the first day of this colossal topic I allowed myself to become aquainted with, and without one shadow of a doubt – rather superficially, not even scratching to surface.

But how for Pete’s sake did I get there? Brr…don’t ask me. However: I made notes, handwritten ones, even numbering the sequence in which I worked, lucky me or else I would now be very upset not being able to *refresh* my memory.

Yes: got it !!, on page 13 (A5 sized) there is is: OMNISCIENCE in big fat capitals.
So: the earlier 12 pages I wrote down for myself led to this word OMNISCIENCE.

What is it? Well – my departure point on that day (22nd July,2014) was the word LOGIC. You see it was the first word that jumped at me as soon as I got out of bed that day – in DUTCH I must tell you – saying to myself muttering under my breath *it must be LOGICAL i.e. realistic, reasonable.
OK then – I said eventually, let me start researching and of course I landed myself onto pages that only have to do with PHILOSOPHY. Quite interesting, I need to study philosophy so of course: LOGIC I read and continued until OMNISCIENCE, with rather a lot of information in between that I need to WORK on a lot more.

Again: Omniscience entails: the CAPACITY to know everything that there is to know.

Well I said to myself: that makes sense then. But as a note: and I quote *Mainly in religious ABRAHAMIC: Judaism, Christianity & Islam it is believed there is a divine being who is omniscient* i.e. God of course.

That much also I knew – that people consider God (or Allah or Jaweh) to know everything. It is definitely not so that I believe this, simply because I am not like that. I am not a religious person..
But about this ABRAHAM: YES I wanted to read as much as I could possibly read. I read where he originated from – apparently I say – since some critical practical persons spent lifetimes to establish whether or not this is really true. NO PROOF you see is available that Abraham really existed.
However – because it is so easy to find information I went on and on, until at a certain moment I really got confused, racing through *who=who* in the Abraham geneology.
Pff. I have to stop, throw some shortcuts on my desktop, organize the notes about what I originally began researching: LOGIC and get myself something to eat.

In addition I came across so many more interesting words and topics about which I either know nothing, or just a little, that at least I can say: enough to be busy with *when I have a moment*.
To everyone who lives on our planet I am saying, including myself meekly: it is NOT possible to know everything. And honestly for me leaving everything in God’s hands is 100% NOT an option.
Nonetheless: learning more about ABRAHAMICS is quite interesting. It was the very first time I decided to go into it, speed-reading. It is a start, is it not, better late than never.
I located from where these good people originated: Ur of Chaldee, in the Euphrate – Tigres area. Well, how about that I established: also where WRITING originated – Sumer, now in Iraq, about 100 km north of current Bagdad, geographically. The CHALDEANS, by the way, are also part of such ancient, and most likely thruthful history. Well I established: I have gone into most of that, already long before I had access to Internet, but no reason NOT to read more and better information soon.

I came across the Chaldeans already in 1988, after reading a book written by one of the best astrologers of our modern days: Linda Goodman. They worked with geometry, astrology, and above all with the *magic* numbers. That then appealed to me. Now I read that those Chaldeans actually were *invaders*, not Jewish, not Christian, and not Islamitic, they just arrived in the area, warmongering, slaying in order to overtake the ruler. Therefore: hmm…I suddenly thought a lot less of them, i.e. they dropped below zero in my esteem. So I need update myself. Linda Goodman stressed that theirs is the ONLY Kabbalistic numerology and NOT the Jewish Kabbalistic one, which today people also use.

In conclusion: I collected a lot, yes a lot of information, worth my while and to work on. I even went back to the beginnings of our planet Earth – geometry, as earth matter, rather gruesome, a bubbly volcanic planet apparently, donkeys year ago called The Hadean era, 4.5 billion years ago, apparently. Brr.
Oh yes I said: where good old king HADES ruled, at least according to GREEK mythology. Again: Brr. not now, when I dived into all that about 5 months ago, with spring about to start. I love the good, current planet Earth stuff, such as new leaves, fresh veggies and fruit + modern day technologies enabling me to have a decent and happy life, not to leave out: MONEY to buy what I like, can afford, and what keeps me healthy and *sane*.

As only a moment in my life:
Saturday, 26th July, 2014 from my desk, in Kaya Köyü, near Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey, where I as a Dutch resident live and enjoy a lot,
But: with the firm intention to relocate to the best place for me on the planet: my beloved hometown AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands. A city with SOUL, with a heart, structure, and where I was born.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder

Author Interview

10 07 2014

I am sincerely impressed with this author. A unique entity, but NOW that I have begun to read every book of his – wow – wow. Bless A.J. Davidson.

AJ Davidson's Books

Had an interview posted on Indie Books Unbound. Reviews and spotlight article to follow next Saturday.

Aj Davidson has been writing for over 15 years; he has published numerous crime novels, a non-fiction account of kidnapping in Northern Ireland, and even a play.  A well-seasoned Indie Author, he has been involved with Large Presses, Small Presses, and Independent Presses.  Graciously, AJ offered to be the first in a series of Indie Author Interviews.

IBU: Aj, when did you begin to write fiction?

AJ: I started writing fiction in 1995.  My first manuscript was Phoenix, a thriller set in Madeira, Spain and Gibraltar. Unfortunately, the plot was linked to the IRA and political progress in N. Ireland made the story redundant. A bit like spy stories going out of fashion after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the regime changes in Russia. The book sat in a drawer for…

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Willy Holmes-Spoelder, her most recent, updated, complete profile

2 04 2014
Rewiring my own brain

Rewiring my own brain


Dear reader,

I am adding a 4p. PDF document with my recently updated, and most complete personal profile.

The reasons:

1. I wished to bundle my own online profiles, that can be found on plenty of other websites. Some are not that bad, some *ughh* could be improved upon, some on *social sites* or still my own *active* blogs I cannot re-write because:…….

2. Recently the Turkish Government, its Prime Minister Mr. Erdohan, deemed it necessary to BLOCK all users in Turkey from using: TWITTER and YOU TUBE (2nd time). Also has been blocked for years, and I did love to use, upload, download what is available there = check it out. Again suddenly, a few years back, for more than 1 year Turkey blocked all users in Turkey using Google’s BLOGGER.

3. In short: I am unable to update my own profiles as I see fit and necessary, restricted by political hindrances caused by the Turkish Government . Besides, all websites globally move on, improve their facilities, including WORDPRESS,  and to my own surprise: whatever I filled out once, buying a few ebooks from appears as #one in the searchengines = NOT, which I do not understand, nor do I have the time (today) to go find out. Therefore: the uploaded rather complete profile: who is Willy Holmes-Spoelder, what did/does/can she do and much more can be read, even downloaded & printed/saved. is right here on

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, Edited Profile LinkedIn, 2nd April, 2014.

Note 1: It is my intention to PROVIDE everyone with useful information: at NO CHARGE, right here on my own website. I do have a lot *to share*.
Note 2: ALLERGIES, specially FOOD allergies have become a global concern, at least some great researchers are – at last – beginning to focus on this issue and some information does get published now. However: although I understand, only because I have been busy with these issues now for over 25 years, the majority of all of us: pfff..where does one can I find out..what can I, myself do!! meanwhile *sensitive* to whatever, and worst of all NOT even knowing this.
Note 3: So: here I am, full steam ahead, with only 24 hours in one day myself.

Sincerely, Willy (Holmes-Spoelder)


31 03 2014
Author of the article 31st March,2014 ALLERGIES

Author of the article 31st March,2014 ALLERGIES


From today: 31st March, 2014: because ALLERGIES, ALLERGIES &  ALLERGIES are the most important HEALTH issueSSS that this world is burdened with I, Willy Holmes-Spoelder, an allergic myself and an expert Health Counseller shall write about ALLERGIES.

Attention: NOW, there is s.o.o. much information available online and that is wonderful. Because there is: I shall also refer my readers to such websites, so that EVERY person interested can READ as much about ALLERGIES as is humanly possible.

31.03.2014 – ALLERGIES, (Food Allergies, Chronic Illness #ONE, GLOBALLY)

typically a great article, therefore also go from the PDF document straight to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website: (

I, Willy (for short) decided today, 31st March,2014 that as from today that’s what I WANT to share with others. My current WordPress Blog, which is only a try-out by myself, technically…is not the perfect online *office* yet. However: the article is a perfect one for everyone to read, print out, go to your own doctor with.

P.S. The PDF (link) works, there hover over the heading: and click to enter Dr. Mercola’s site. His site is one of the largest, most up-to-date ones, chock a block full with extremely more good information. Note: but first try to read all about ALLERGIES, even print out the PDF = try to NOT GET DISTRACTED, which in fact is also an ALLERGY (symptom).

Get wise, get informed, allow yourself the happiness to make discoveries, you as the explorer.

Sincerely, Willy Holmes-Spoelder